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#MyStory: My Best Friend Stole The Love Of My Life...

#MyStory: My Best Friend Stole The Love Of My Life...
He and I were childhood sweethearts. We met in Class 11. The first time I saw him, I knew he was the one.

He had long floppy hair and a crooked smile, with an endearing a dimple on his left cheek. On Valentine’s Day, he gave me a beautiful rose and card that said: “Will you be my Valentine?” From that moment on, we were inseparable. He knew how to make me laugh. He was my rock.

We passed out of school and ended up in the same college. We were a couple everyone wanted to be like. My friends would tell me how lucky I was to be dating him. It was my 21st birthday and he wanted to surprise me. So he called up my bestie, suggesting they meet to plan the party.

She and I had been friends since kindergarten. Our parents lived next door to each other, we practically grew up in each other’s homes. She was the sister I never had. I was a single child.

She enthusiastically agreed to meet him for coffee. They had met before, obviously, but never hung out one on one. In the planning my birthday, she began spending a lot of time with him. The surprise party was fun. I was so touched that the two most important people in my life loved me enough to make my birthday so special.

Later, that night, we were all out clubbing. The drinks and shots were flowing. He excused himself from the group to step out for a smoke. She said she would join him. They were gone a while. I went out to see if all was okay. I caught them kissing. My world came apart - I left, in complete shock.

best friend stole my boyfriend

I got home and there was a loud banging on the door. It was my boyfriend. He kept apologizing and trying to explain, saying he was drunk and didn’t mean to. I told him to go home and that we would talk the next day.

A couple of hours later, I sent him a WhatsApp message: “If we had never dated and you met her and me, who would you choose?” I saw the double blue ticks come on. He began to type and for almost 5 minutes, he didn’t write anything. I had my answer. If he had to think that long, he was not mine to begin with.

The next day my so-called best friend came over. She was very tearful. She promised me she would never see him again. I kept quiet. There was nothing left to say.

It’s been three months since all this happened. They are now a couple. Facebook shows me them proclaiming their love for each other constantly. I can’t bear to talk to either of them. Being cheated on is bad enough. But when your best friend does it, it’s heartbreaking.

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