#MyStory: So I Turned Around… And Kissed Him!

#MyStory: So I Turned Around… And Kissed Him!
The first time we met was at a bar. I was there for a friend's birthday party, and he was catching up with some friends after work. And it was totally filmy type - I was on one side of the bar and he was on the other. Our eyes met, and I don't really know how to describe it, but something just clicked. He smiled my way and raised his glass. I did the same. And that's how we ended up talking (mostly flirting) all night.

My friends kept dragging me away every few minutes, but by the end of the night he had managed to ask me out and secured a solid dinner date - even though he endured a lot of teasing from my friends for it.

Two days later we went out for dinner. He picked me up, opened the car door for me, and was basically a complete gentleman. Trying to start things on an honest note, he told me that he was in the process of ending a relationship. While I was a bit taken aback, I did really like him. So I decided to just go with my gut and give him some time.

We stuck to texting and talking on the phone for a bit after that. I told him about this new singer I was obsessing over and he downloaded all his songs. He travelled for work quite often and it was probably for the best that we got that space, given the situation. A few days after he finally got back, I went to hang out with him and a couple of his friends. That's when I found out he had officially ended things with his ex.

I was SO happy. And can you really blame me?

We still took things slow, though. We went out for a few amazing dates, held hands...but he never once tried to kiss me. It was all very middle-school and I was thoroughly enjoying it! I had just never known a guy to be so well-mannered and just…amazing!

He finally asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks later. Apparently he wanted to do it in a very special way, but got talked into it by everyone around at my best friend's farewell party. It was special for me anyway, mostly because it was him. I didn't need a grand gesture, I was very happy just being in his arms.

My friends started asking me some questions every time I would meet him, though. "Did you guys kiss?" "Why not?" "Don't you think it's weird?"

i kissed him

I didn't. He was very uncomfortable with PDA and would often point to couples who really needed a room and tell me that he just couldn't be like them. I didn't think there were any guys who wouldn't jump at the chance of making out with a girl, in a public place or otherwise. So I found it very endearing, actually.

But the anticipation was really killing me!

The singer I had told him about earlier was in town for a few days. He actually had a gig planned very close to my office. Both of us decided we should definitely go and I met him there after work. We got our drinks and stood at the back.

Our favourite song came on.

He hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear: "I would have kissed you right now if we weren't in such a crowded place. I'm just too shy."

The moment was too perfect, though. So I turned around in his arms.

"But I'm not."

And then I kissed him.

Maybe it was the way he blushed afterwards or the romantic song in the background, but it was the most perfect first kiss. It wasn't steamy, sexy or any of that. It was just what it was - and I wouldn't change it for anything.

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