man's world final episode

So Men And Women Swapped Lives - THIS Is How It Ended!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

Enough of the comedy and jokes. This final episode of the Man's World series is all-business with the message they're trying to convey. It was never about exchanging places with the other gender - that's going to lead us nowhere good either. It's about fixing the inequality. It's about men and women being on the same level. It's about treating everyone equally no matter what that person's gender is. It's about finally seeing things clearly. We applaud the tremendous effort that the team of Y-Films has put in to create this masterpiece. We only hope you take something from this, just the way we did!

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Here's the 3rd episode for those of you who missed it!
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And this one is the last episode that will totally blow you away!
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Published on Oct 09, 2015
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