10 Intimate Things To Do With Your Guy (Other Than Sex!)

10 Intimate Things To Do With Your Guy (Other Than Sex!)
A relationship isn't about just having sex with your partner. While that may be a very important aspect, it's completely okay to want to have a courting period before you get to that phase in your relationship. But do you feel at a loss when you try to think of other intimate things you can do with him? Here are some things we bet you both will enjoy!

1. Romantic Dinners

A very obvious one? Not really. Candle -lit dinners went out of fashion a while back with the emergence of a cool new bar every two steps. So go old-school for this one and find a quiet and pretty restaurant and make sure to book a cosy table in a corner somewhere. Nothing is more awkward than sitting in the middle of the room where every table has a clear view of you.

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2. Massages

You can actually go two ways with this one. Couples massages are one the most relaxing things you can experience, but it'll also be a bit pricey. So if you don't think you can book yourself one anytime soon, just offer him a massage the next time he tells you that he's tired or that his back is hurting. And then on another occasion convince him to return the favour! You don't have to be a certified masseuse to ease a bit of tension from his shoulders.

3. Live Music

Music is very important if you're looking for the relationship to get serious. We don't mean that you both HAVE to like the same genre, but being able to enjoy a nice sufi evening with someone without having to speak the whole time? It has its own charm and we bet it'll be a wonderful experience when you try it.

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4. Moonlit Walks

Nothing overrated about long moonlit walks, guys! No, seriously. Of course, make super sure you're in a safe neighbourhood and it's not in the middle of the night, but walking hand in hand while talking about the random-est things ever? It's something not all of us take out the time for, but feels really great when you do!

5. Join Salsa Classes

And if salsa isn't your thing, you could join a different kind of dance form. But learning a couples dance with your partner is super fun and something we think every couple should try - even if you are having sex! The chemistry and friction it creates is just unbeatable. And it'll make you more aware of each other's bodies as well.

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6. Pack A Picnic!

Too old-fashioned? Never. Picnics are a classic for a reason! And it's so easy to plan as well! All you need is a basket full of snacks and junk food and a mattress to lay down on. We totally recommend planning out some fun games to play with him during this time - it'll definitely help you get to know him better!

7. Long Drives

Done this already? Do it again. And again! We can't tell you how lovely it feels just to drive around town, even if it's in circles. You can spend hours staring at him or steal some well-planned glances if you're the one driving, but this can be insanely fun even, if a bit sexually charged! ;-)

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8. Write Letters

We know the last letter you probably wrote was for a English composition exam back in school, but you can't ever go wrong with a handwritten note on some beautiful stationery! It's very intimate to put down your thoughts for him on paper in day of social media, trust us!

9. Cozy Movie Nights

Have access to a DVD player, a couch and some popcorn?! Well, movie night it is! One of our most favourite ways to spend the evening, and of course it become even more special when you do it with someone you're interested in! And you don't have to go with a romance and be cliched! Try out a comedy movie - laughing with him is more fun than you'll have doing (most!!) other things with him.

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10. Just Sleep!

Sounds weird? It isn’t! Taking a nap together - especially in the middle of the day - can be a super intimate thing. It’s your way of the two of you, together, saying: “Hey, world, back off, we’re busy with ourselves right now.” Just try it - we promise it’ll be a bonding experience!

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