Dear Ex, 13 Things You Should Do For The Next Girl You Date

Dear Ex, 13 Things You Should Do For The Next Girl You Date
Dear Ex boyfriend,

We may have broken up, but you will soon meet someone else you will want to be with. When that does happen, here are a few things I hope you will keep in mind.

Your Ex girlfriend

1. Encourage her to do the things she is passionate about...

And don’t make her feel silly for wanting those things.

how to treat a girl right

2. Don’t take her for granted once you think you “have” her…

Love and appreciate her for as long as you’re with her. Not just in the beginning!

3. Be completely honest in everything that you say and do…

And don’t insult her intelligence by defending your actions when you’re wrong.

how to treat a girl right

4. Say good things about her to your friends…

And stand up for her when she’s not around.

5. Communicate with her!

And hear her out when she wants to say something.

how to treat a girl right

6. Don’t hide who you are…

Because she deserves to know what kind of person you are from the very beginning.

7. Acknowledge when she goes out of her way to do something for you…

Because even if you can’t appreciate it, she put in a lot of effort into doing something especially for you.

how to treat a girl right

8. Don’t make her feel insecure…

Or ever make her feel as if she has to compete with another girl in your life.

9. Be patient when she does gets jealous of another girl…

Give her more love than ever. She only feels this way because she loves you.

how to treat a girl right

10. Show her just how important she is to you…

Make her feel like she holds a very special and incomparable place in your life. She deserves it.

11. Call her just to find out how she’s doing…

Because it will make her day.

how to treat a girl right

12. Surprise her and be romantic. At least sometimes!

Not with big gifts, but with your gestures.

13. Treat her with respect…

And know that you and she are equals.

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