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Do You Have Too Much Makeup On? Here’s How To Tell!

Do You Have Too Much Makeup On? Here’s How To Tell!

Have you ever thought you look pretty damn good, only to look at pictures of yourself later and realize your face looks eerily white and doesn’t match the rest of your body? It’s happened to all of us. Sometimes, looking in the mirror just isn’t a good enough way to judge if you have too much makeup on. After all, less is always more, and in our bid to look “naturally” gorgeous, we sometimes get a bit carried away. We give you a few suggestions to test if you have too much makeup on - just in case you get a bit over-zealous with your makeup brush. Go on and follow these tips to look like a natural beauty, you.

1. Everything Is Emphasized

One standard rule to ALWAYS follow is to accentuate only one feature and keep the rest minimal. If you’ve gone all out with red lips, a dramatic smoky eye and pink cheeks, you definitely have too much on. The key is to look like you haven’t tried too hard, so choose just one feature, be it your eyes or lips, and emphasize just that. If you want to play up your lips, then mascara and a bit of eyeliner is enough for your eyes, and if you want to highlight your eyes, let your lips be neutral. Too much colour on your face is an obvious sign that you need to take some off.

2. Your Neck and Face Don’t Match

How To Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On Is your face a different colour than your neck? This is a big telling sign that you’re wearing too much makeup, so make sure to look at yourself from all angles under bright light. If you can see an obvious foundation line at your jaw or even a slight difference in colour, you will know. This could happen either because your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone or because you haven’t blended it well. You have to be sure that your foundation is a perfect match for your skin - before buying it, test it on your jawline and not your wrist to be able to tell more accurately. Also, be sure to blend, blend and blend some more for a more natural look. Invest in a beauty blender to help blend it around every nook and curve of your face, and also be sure to blend it past your jawline on to your neck to make it all look even more natural.

3. Your Lashes Are Clumpy

Mascara clumps that cause unattractive spidery lashes are a major sign that you have way too much mascara on. Don’t repeatedly coat your lashes with your mascara wand, one swipe should be enough. Also, skip applying mascara on your bottom lashes all together as that can look like a bit much as well as make you look older and accentuate those dark circles.

4. Lipstick Horror

How To Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On If you notice that your lipstick has a tendency to spread around your lip line or gets on your teeth often, that means that you’re using too much. Using a lip brush helps prevent getting excess colour onto your lips. Also, once you’ve applied your lippie, take a tissue to blot your lips and remove any excess colour. One simple trick to try is to pop your index finger into your mouth and slowly slide it out of your lips - any extra colour will come off on it and not spread on your teeth.

5. No More Exaggerated Eye Shadow

What girl doesn’t love to accentuate her eyes and experiment with eye shadow? But it’s best to leave those looks for the evening. Wearing colourful eyeshadow in the day is a big no-no if you’re aiming for the fresh and natural look. As a rule, remember not to overpower your eyes in the day and stick to more neutral shades if you’re itching to pick up your eye shadow brush. And when you do want to try a bit of colour at night, please make sure to blend it in well to avoid looking OTT. Just because you have an eyeshadow palette with over 20 colours doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Please don’t, for your own sake!

6. Always Do The Flash Test

How To Tell If You Have Too Much Makeup On When you’re buying new makeup (especially foundation/ concealer) or when you’re applying it at home, never, ever forget to look at yourself in natural light. Go near the window with a mirror - the lighting at your dresser or in your bathroom can lie to you and not let you judge if you have too much on. If it’s dark outside then try the flash test. Just whip out your phone and take a selfie using the flash to see if you look unnatural, different or too caked up. Remember to always do this before leaving the house so you can get into damage control mode and take off all the extra makeup and save yourself from oops-too-much situations.

7. It Takes Too Long To Take Off

We’re hoping you take off your makeup religiously before going to bed (please?), but if it takes longer than a few minutes, then know that you’re using too much. An effective makeup remover (we love Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes) followed by a cleanser is all you need. If you constantly have to tug and scrub at your skin to take it all off, then you really need to use less. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: Hello, Gorgeous! 6 FAB Makeup Tips For Darker Skin Tones MUST-READ: How To Highlight Your BEST Features In Just 2 Simple Steps!
Published on Oct 6, 2015
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