Another Girl Flirting With Your Man? Here’s How To Handle!

Another Girl Flirting With Your Man? Here’s How To Handle!
The mere thought of another woman flirting with our boyfriends is enough to vex us and put us in all-out warrior mode, ready for a battle - and this is exactly where we go wrong. Ladies, in the game of love, sometimes we need to keep our calm and practise strategies to beat the enemy, and save the relationship! Here’s how to handle another woman flirting with your boyfriend!

1. Are you over-analysing the situation?

Sometimes, we tend to get a little more possessive than necessary, and let our imagination run wild when there really is nothing to worry about. So before you take any step, just make sure one more time if that woman is actually flirting with your boyfriend, or if she’s simply being friendly with him.

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2. Observe how he reacts to these advances

We have a really unfair habit of holding the people we love free of all blame, and putting it entirely on the other party. Yes, it’s unbearable to even think of your guy egging another woman’s advances - but you need to be pretty sure about who’s doing what in this situation, and then tackle it.

3. Allow it to die a quick death

Many a time, even if another woman is flirting with our guys - our guys are too loyal (or sometimes even unaware) to register or react to it. If that’s the case, there really is no need why you should even bring the flirting to his attention. What’s not discussed, does not matter. He sure does not care about it - and so you have no reason to worry either. Act like it never happened, and let it die a quick death.

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4. Talk to him about it

If there is some serious flirting going on, and your man is somehow engaged in it too, you need to be open about it and talk to him. Giving him the silent treatment or fighting it out is not going to get anything solved. Save the drama, and just tell him exactly how you feel it, and be assertive about how you don’t want it to be repeated.

5. Give it back to her

If the woman keeps on flirting, despite your intervention - it’s time to give her some back. Every time she makes a move toward your man, all you have to do is walk over and flirt with your man right in front of her. He’s with you, and watching the two of you interact will get the point across. Actions do, after all, speak louder than words!

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6. NEVER try to make him jealous

Some of us make the mistake of going “tit-for-tat” in such a situation. We too try flirting with a random guy to get our guy’s attention and his envy stirring - hoping that that would cure him of the flirting. BUT this can instead result in serious fights and accusations and when you’re trying to prove yourself right, hearing “you did it too” doesn’t help, right?

7. Don’t laugh it off either

Never make the mistake of laughing it off and not paying enough attention to another woman flirting with your BF, in your blind faith for him. Yes, you love him and he loves you, but you need to be open about stuff that is not acceptable to you - and there’s nothing wrong about getting your way here.

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8. If you can’t separate them, confuse them!

Join them. If you see them talking, walk up and become a part of the conversation - this just eases any stress out, lets everyone know the position in each others’ lives they hold, she gets the idea that you’ve got his back and he gets to know that you aren’t pissed but you aren’t gonna let it continue either.

9. Tell him you trust him

Just hearing you say this will make him want to keep the trust you’ve shown in him. If he loves you, he will make sure he doesn’t give you reason or occasion to upset yourself over another woman. Doubting him very openly, on the other hand, will make him feel convicted of a crime he may or may not have committed.

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