Do *I* Have A G-Spot? WHAT Is The Big Deal About It?!

Do *I* Have A G-Spot? WHAT Is The Big Deal About It?!
Ladies, first things first, the G-spot is NO myth. It does exist and you need to care about it because this little mysterious area inside of you can be the source of insane pleasure during the act of lovemaking. We know there’s been too much debate over it - without sufficient details - and you’ve probably what the hype is all about - so here’s everything you need to know about the ma’G’ical spot! Read on…

1. The two kinds of orgasm every woman can have - the G-Spot plays a role!

The female orgasm can be of two kinds - clitoral and vaginal. Now the clitoral orgasm results from love (read stimulation) the clitoris receives, with or without penetration; but the vaginal orgasm has everything to do with the G-Spot! And that's the explanation of the anatomical stimulation researchers are giving for why some women do, and some don’t experience vaginal orgasm at all! Looks like the G-spot is the answer to all our orgasmic woes, right?

2. The G-Spot is not really a ‘spot’, but an entire region

You read that right! The G-spot is actually an inch or two past the vaginal opening, and it’s a super-sensitive area found inside the front wall of the vagina. Underneath it lie highly sensitive tissues which, when touched right, can trigger feelings of sexual happiness, according to a research. So, basically it means that you and I and all other ladies can experience far greater sexual pleasure, including powerful orgasms. Sounds good? Let’s go look for it, then!

find your g spot

3. Unchartered territory?

Now that you wanna find your G-Spot, start with arousing yourself. You will have an easier time locating the G-Spot if you’re aroused because during arousal it gets filled with fluids that make it swell and become more sensitive. If you’re exploring yourself, you’ll know you’ve found it when you feel a sudden, intense sensation - which reminds you of the urge to pee. This is because the G-Spot is located near the urethra, because of which touching it makes you feel like you might need to pee. But let this urge pass, for it will soon be followed by a blooming sensation of pleasure that only gets more intense as you keep touching and stroking the area, culminating into the big ‘O’.

4. It might actually help women to ejaculate

Some researchers compare the G-Spot to the male prostate, or the gland that creates fluid to nourish sperm in men. This is because the G-Spot too produces similar fluids, and some women say that when their G is aroused, they experience a wetness that’s similar to an ejaculation - they express a clear, odourless fluid upon orgasm.

find your g spot

5. Now that you’ve found it, never lose it again!

There are many tricks and positions you can practice to increase your G-Spot pleasure. You can get on top to ensure that your guy always hits the spot, or you can even lie on your stomach to experience it. But the best trick is to combine your clitoral and vaginal orgasm to result in a blended orgasm. And like they say, practise makes one perfect, so keep working for it!

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