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#Aww: 14 Girls Share Their “Jab We Met” Stories!

#Aww: 14 Girls Share Their “Jab We Met” Stories!
We all have a story about how we met our partners! Some simple, some elaborate. Some filmy and some very real. But each one is special and super cute in its own way! Here are 14 girls sharing their “Jab We Met” stories with us... 1. “I met him all the way back in high school! All our best friends happened to be really close friends (although we never spoke to each other much). And then one day we finally had no choice but to talk to one another. So we did. And it went on forever! Evening turned into night and night turned into morning. I had never met anyone I had that much to talk about and so much in common with. We complete 6 years next month!”
how i met my boyfriend 2. “We met at a common friend's house. She was having a Diwali party at hers and out of all the people there, we found each other and spent the entire evening just talking! There was no looking back after that. It was love at first sight!” 3. “We met at a friend’s graduation dinner at her university in another country! I thought he was her boyfriend, so I started talking to him so it wouldn’t appear rude and also because I didn’t know anyone else there (turned out he was just another friend who was visiting the country too). We ended up talking for hours even after the dinner was over! My friend was anyway too busy getting pictures clicked with her classmates!” how i met my boyfriend 4. “I actually met him through an arranged meeting our parents had organised! I was so anxious and nervous and pretty sure that I was going to run the other way after meeting him. I had told my parents even before meeting him that there was no way I was going to marry him. I was obviously so wrong! We met and got along like a house on fire. We were supposed to meet for coffee, but we spent so much time together that my parents had to call me 6 hours later and find out if I was alright!” 5. “It was my friend's shaadi and we were asked to prepare a dance sequence with the groom’s friends! It was full filmy type. He happened to be my dance partner (as chosen by the choreographer) and the rest is history! We were trying to find corners and sneaking away every chance we got for the rest of the wedding. :P”
how i met my boyfriend 6. “We met on a night out with my girlfriends, where we needed some boys for the “couple entry” scene. Everybody chose their partners and I was stuck with him! Either way, he made me have my first cocktail and that converted into a lot of “firsts” after that night!” 7. “We met at one of our college sports tournaments. He was an ace basketball player and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him! It started off with me saying “That was such a good game” to him. Turned out he thought the same about my game.” how i met my boyfriend 8. "It was India v/s Pakistan and I was watching the match with my friends at a cafe. The match got over at about 3 am - I was SO tired. I was waiting on the steps outside for my friend to bring around his car when this girl walked up to me and told me that her friend couldn't take his eyes off me all night but was too shy to come up to me. She pointed to the friend who was standing a bit far away with his head in his hands, TOTALLY embarrassed! I took pity at the poor guy and gave his friend my number - best decision I ever made!" 9. "We met in a really shady bar. The kind of place you never want to be seen in! His friend just happened to be my family friend. We only spoke for about a minute but even then he managed to get on my nerves. We didn't see each other for a whole year after that but when we bumped into each other again (at the same mutual friend's wedding, mind you) and, well, it was love at second sight! He still gets on my nerves but I love him anyway."
how i met my boyfriend 10. “We were classmates in college, but had different groups of friends and never really talked to each other. However, one day while returning home from college - we found that we were sharing the same metro and, well, couldn’t avoid each other any longer. I found out that he actually lived just a block away from my flat and so after that short metro ride, he offered to walk me home. We kept talking all the way, and haven’t really shut up since then...” 11. “We met at my house. Shocker, right? Calm down…he’s my brother’s friend so the first time we met was when I was dressed like a cross between a granny and a little boy - because that’s how most of us dress at home! I did not know him then but had heard of him a few times. He had come to my hometown for a short vacation and after a super awkward round of introduction, we talked a little. I showed him around town the next day and we got along really well. There wasn’t a day when we didn’t talk to each other. Met him after a year again, and we both knew what was gonna happen then. He still makes fun of the PJs I was wearing when I first met him…and that was four years ago!" how i met my boyfriend 12. “The first time he saw me was in our college canteen talking to one of his friends. Little did I know that he then annoyed his friend with questions like who I was and if I was single. He even convinced him to orchestrate an introduction for him and me and also to get me to come and hang out with them after class one day. That day while chilling we ended up talking quite a bit and got along really well with each other. After that, he started coming to college every single day and his attendance suddenly went from zero to hundred percent. It was a whole year later that I found out that he had actually planned our first meeting.”
13. “We were in the same school and even in the same year, but never spoke to each other or interacted with each other as we were never in the same class or had the same friends’ circle. We were still aware of each other though. When we were in college, somehow we ended up in the same group of friends and started hanging out and chilling while bunking class every single day. We became best friends and soon after even admitted to each other that we had kind of been attracted to each other even at the age of 12. We’ve been dating ever since. ” how i met my boyfriend 14. “He was my best friend’s brother who happened to live next door. I’d always wanted to talk to him, but never gathered the courage to make the first move. So one morning, I bumped into him while he was taking his dog out for a walk. Stunned by our random rendezvous, I casually asked him if he could update my iPod. To my surprise, he happily agreed. Ever since that day, started hanging out all the time. After a couple of years, we started dating too! Come to think of it now, who would have known that a tiny iPod could bring two people together?” GIFs: tumblr, giphy  MUST-READ: 12 Women Share: “The SWEETEST Thing He’s Ever Said To Me!” MUST-READ: #MyStory: I Hated Him In College. But Then We Met Again…