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Dear Future Husband, Here Are 9 Times I Hope You Stand By Me!

Dear Future Husband, Here Are 9 Times I Hope You Stand By Me!
Dear Future Husband,

In the life that we’ll spend together – we’ll pass through days, months and years that won’t all be the same. We’ll laugh through some and fight through others, but as long as you’ll hold my hand and stand by me, I know I’ll get past anything. And for this, I’ll love you unconditionally. Always and forever.

Your Future Wife

1. If I spend late nights at work

I know not everybody will be happy about me working late, and I promise I wouldn’t take time away from our relationship for work - but if my work and my profession demand a few late nights of me, I hope you only push me further to achieve my dreams.

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2. If I am not ready to have kids

We may be financially ready to have a child, and you might be emotionally ready too - and trust me, I’ll take all that into consideration. But if I don’t feel ready to have a baby as yet, I hope you won’t rush me into it.

3. If some of our relatives chide me for my choices

People will always talk, people will always have something or the other to say. But I hope you don’t let your feelings for me be swayed by their words, or ask me to let go of something only because ‘society’ doesn’t like it.

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4. If I’m pregnant and super cranky

And I will be. Being pregnant means going through too many hormonal and emotional changes and I might snap at you, even for no fault of yours. I hope you’ll still love me the same.

5. If our newborn keeps us up all night

When it comes to responsibility, I hope you’ll share it with me. I hope I won’t be the only one spending sleepless nights with our wailing baby. I want my husband beside me, and I want our family together in the first few months’ of our baby’s arrival.

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6. If I put on weight

I hope you still give me the same singular attention you always have, and tell me that I look beautiful - because if I look beautiful to you, I’ll really not worry about the truth in the mirror, or the world. So tell me that I do, especially on days when I really do need to hear it.

7. If I go through an emotional crisis

There may come a moment where I might feel I have spent an entire lifetime without having done anything worthwhile or distinguished - in those days, I hope you will sit me down and talk me through the times that have shaped me, and the possibilities that still lie ahead of me.

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8. If some tragedy befalls our way

God forbid it, but if something tragic does occur, I hope we don’t fight each other but fight the hard times together. I hope you will still stay my happy place and let me be yours.

9. If you’re old, and so am I, and we have none but each other

We may get old and frail, but I hope you stand by me as strongly as you did the day you married me and vowed to walk every step of this journey together.

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