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Hate Makeup But Need To Wear It? These 8 Tricks Make it Easy!

Hate Makeup But Need To Wear It? These 8 Tricks Make it Easy!

If you’re one of those girls who would never waste money on countless makeup products and think it’s a total waste of time, then we have some tailor-made advice just for you. Yes, makeup is expensive, but not the most basic products. Yes, you have better things to worry about but enhancing your beauty can fit into all that too. We give you a few makeup tips for girls who hate makeup. Maybe you’ll start appreciating it more, even if it is just for special occasions. :-)

1. If Foundation Feels Heavy And Makes You Sweat...

If you absolutely hate the thought of stepping out with a mask of foundation on, then you may want to try a matte mousse. It’s light, not too thick and not watery. You don’t need to use too much, just a small amount to even out your skin tone. A BB cream is also an amazing option as it moisturizes and provides SPF protection at the same time, while making your skin appear flawless. It’s a win-win! POPxo Recommends: Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Protector (Rs 99)

2. Focus On One Thing

Makeup Tips For Girls Who Hate Makeup No one is forcing you to go all out with the eyeliner and lipstick and the works. Focus on playing up one feature – either your eyes or your lips - and stick to it. You may even start loving a particular lipstick shade or be amazed at how gorgeous your eyes look with a hint of kajal/ eyeliner and mascara. Give it a try, you can always go back to not doing anything at all if you don’t like it.
POPxo Recommends: A nude lipstick like Lakme 9 to 5 in Pink Slip really does lend a polished edge to your style.

3. Pick Good Quality Products

Afraid of makeup ruining your skin? Scared it will smudge and turn into an embarrassing mess? The key is to invest in good quality products and brands rather than cheaper, poorer quality products. Good brands have non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores) and dermatologically tested products that won’t harm your skin, plus they will be more long-lasting and are designed to be smudge-proof and stay in place all day.

4. Baby Steps

Makeup Tips For Girls Who Hate Makeup Start simple. Just because other girls are winging their eyeliner or stepping out with a whole eyeshadow palette on doesn’t mean you have to. Just a simple swipe of mascara or a touch of a cheek stain for a pretty glow, or maybe even some pink lipstick - these are easy steps to try that won’t even take long at all. POPxo Recommends: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain (Rs 850)

5. Stick To Lip Gloss

If you really hate lipstick, are constantly worrying about whether it’s getting on your teeth or just feel like it’s not for you, then stick to lip gloss. Shiny lips never go out of fashion anyway. If you hate how sticky lip gloss feels then you can even try a tinted lip balm. It will add a touch of colour to your pout while keeping it soft and moisturized.
POPxo Recommends: Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Kiss (Rs 165)

6. You Don’t Have To Wear It Every Day

Makeup Tips For Girls Who Hate Makeup Of course not! If you don’t have the time to think about it in the morning while you rush out the door, you really don’t have to. Save it for those special occasions so it really does make you feel special. Stick to the most natural and basic type of makeup – a BB cream, maybe some concealer if you need to cover up those dark circles, a bit of eyeliner and mascara and some lip gloss.

7. Get A 5-Minute Routine

It is possible to apply makeup in under 5 minutes and have it look as natural as possible. Just use the products mentioned above to help give your skin an amazing finish in no time. You don’t need to spend ages on your makeup if you don’t want to. Trust us, this simple routine doesn’t take longer than a few minutes.

8. Why Do You Hate Makeup?

Makeup Tips For Girls Who Hate Makeup
This is an important question to ask yourself. Is it because it’s time consuming? Because you now know it doesn’t have to be. Is it because you’re unsure of how to use it? There are plenty of tutorials all over YouTube and of course countless stories on POPxo for you to refer to! Is it because you feel like you just don’t need it? If that’s the case then good for you. We love a natural beauty, so embrace it and of course you look good without it. Makeup should be used simply to enhance your beauty, but if you just don’t like it then that’s completely fine too. :-) Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: 17 Things You Get If You’re A Girl Who Does NOT Like Makeup! MUST-READ: 6 Sneaky Ways To Look Like You’re Not Wearing Any Makeup!
Published on Oct 23, 2015
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