8 Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Broader!

8 Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Broader!
How often have we thought about whether or not a certain outfit makes us look broader or heavier? There is no denying that we want to look and feel our best every day, because…why not?! Sometimes, however, we accidentally pick the wrong clothes that make our bodies appear out of proportion or outfits that highlight the wrong things. Avoid these 8 styling mistakes that are making you appear broader - and look your best every day!

1. Clothes That Are Too Tight

Some of us have a huge misconception that tight clothes might make us look slimmer. WRONG! Super-tight clothes, be it dresses or skirts or pants, is a big NO when it comes to choosing the right outfits that flatter our bodies. They only accentuate the wrong areas (read: love handles, muffin tops, etc.) and draw unwanted attention to these parts, making us look bulkier or wider than our natural frame. It is best to stick to clothes that are neither too loose nor too tight. A little effort to finding the right fit or a short trip to the tailor is totally worth it.

2. Wide Skirts

fashion mistakes making you look wider

Wide circle are so feminine and pretty, but truth be told- these skirts do make us look wide... no matter how gorgeous they are. However, you can decrease the additional width by opting for thinner fabrics with sheer detailing and by sticking to minimal prints. Teaming circle skirts with a body hugging top also balances out your ensemble beautifully.

3. Three-Quarter Pants

Quarter pants were a big craze in the early nineties and sadly, it wasn’t one of the best fashion moments we have seen. Unless you have never-ending legs like Lisa Haydon’s, we suggest you stay far away from quarter pants. These pants cut at an unflattering angle making your legs look stumpier and your midriff wider.

4. Printed Pants

Another common fashion choice that makes us look wider are printed pants - especially if they are large prints. Prints are heavier in width and colours, hence giving the illusion of a wider frame. Always stick to pants with solid colors and minimal vertical patterns or tiny prints if you really want to wear printed trousers.

5. Wearing The Wrong Bra

fashion mistakes making you look wider

Choosing the wrong bra can kill your entire outfit without you even realizing it. Always wear bras that fit you perfectly and which go well with the kind of outfit you are wearing. They are the foundations to our outfits, so do make sure not to neglect them whilst putting together a look. Ill fitted bras can make your torso look bulky and wider.

6. Baggy On Baggy

Pairing loose tops with loose bottoms is a sure shot way to add that extra width to your natural silhouette. This will not only look you wider than you are, but it will also make you look shorter. Always team loose tops with a fitted bottom, and vice versa. Baggy on baggy? Don’t do it, girls.

7. Wide Contrasting Belts With Dresses

fashion mistakes making you look wider

Wide belts with contrasting hues draw attention to your midriff in all the wrong ways. They add a wide horizontal line right in the middle of your outfit, creating an illusion of a wider midriff. We recommend that you stick to narrower belts with colours that blend very well with the outfit.

8. Chokers!

Chokers shorten your neck, and a short neck automatically creates an illusion of a wider frame...just like open necks add an illusion of height and also makes people look slimmer. We suggest you’d rather stick to long statement or waterfall neck pieces.

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