7 Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter!

7 Fashion Mistakes That Are Making You Look Shorter!
First things first: there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being short! You can be five feet and fabulous at it; however, there are times when we make wrong outfit choices that make us appear shorter and bulkier than we actually are. Certain outfits drag us down and we may not even realize it. Avoid making these fashion blunders and step out of house looking your best every day! Here are 7 fashion mistakes making you look short:

1. The wrong skirt length

Skirts maybe our favourite things to wear, as they come in so many different styles and patterns, but wearing the wrong ones can ruin your look and make you shorter. Always be aware of your body type while choosing the right skirt. If you are a little short, avoid full midi skirts and ankle length skirts. Go short - above the knee; or opt for floor-length if you want to wear longer skirts. They make all the difference!

fashion mistakes making you look short

2. The wrong shoes

If you want you appear taller, avoid shoes with ankle straps and shoes with a higher shoe vamp. Opting for shoes that expose most of your feet is a sure shot way to create an illusion of taller, longer legs.

3. Haircuts!

And we thought haircuts don’t affect our height? Wrong. Sure, we love lovely long tresses, but long unkempt hair drags your look down. Hairstyles that show off your neck automatically add an illusion of height. Hair is one of the best accessories we have, so make sure you style it such that it flatters your look in the best possible way.

4. Big bags

Oddly, larger-than-life, huge bags can easily make you look shorter. Go for chic and small handbags that enhance your look. Big bags can make you look timid, and if you are already on the shorter side - a big NO! Cute satchels and messenger bags balance out any outfit without affecting your height.

fashion mistakes making you look short

5.The wrong pants

The wrong pants can totally destroy your whole look and make you look shorter no matter how tall your heels are. Ankle-length, ill-fitted trousers make people look shorter than they normally are. If you want to wear ankle-length fold-up trousers, always make sure the fit is correct.

6. Wearing loose tops with loose bottoms

We know oversized clothing is in right now, but if you overdo it, it WILL make you look inches shorter than your normal height. Always follow the Loose: Tight equation by pairing a loose top with a fitted bottom or vice versa.

7. Pulling ALL the attention down

If you dress in such a way that it is going to make people down, then chances are you will look short to the people looking at you. Avoid flashy belts and trousers that catch a lot of attention. Instead draw attention to your neckline by wearing a creative neckpiece or a bright shade of lipstick or pretty earrings. This will automatically guide the eye to the top, creating an illusion of height.

fashion mistakes making you look short

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