11 Things About Your Boobs That You Definitely Need To Know!

11 Things About Your Boobs That You Definitely Need To Know!
Boobs – 50 percent of the world’s population has them and the other 50 percent is pretty much obsessed with them. It’s surprising then that there are so many things about them that you didn’t know. We clue you in about a few facts about breasts that everyone should know. Increase your boob IQ to help you love them, flaunt them and look after them better.

1. Yes, They Come In Different Sizes And Also In Different Shapes

facts about breasts

Girls with larger chests are always wishing that they didn’t attract as much attention, that they could wear just about any top without worrying how their boobs look and even have to worry about shoulder and back pain. On the other hand, some girls with smaller boobs often feel like they aren’t sexy enough and wish that their chest would grow a few inches overnight. However, you need to know that there is no definite standard that defines breasts as ‘perfect’. No two boobs are the same, yes even if they’re part of the same pair. Everyone’s breast differ in shape and size, so embrace your twins and love them.

2. There Is No ‘Normal’ When It Comes To Nipples

Just like breast size and shape, the same theory applies for nipples too. Nipples can be light or dark, big or small and can even have hair around them, which is normal. Some people can even have more than two! Inverted or retracted nipples, which stick inwards rather than outwards, are completely normal too. It really doesn’t matter. Oh, and did you know that you can even have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone? Yup, a nipplegasm!

3. Lumps And Bumps  Are More Common Than You Thought

facts about breasts

Yes, a lot of women can have lumpy, bumpy boobs, which can be because of different things and not just breast cancer. Fibrocystic breast changes are the scientific term to describe lumpy breast tissue and fluid-filled cysts that affect a large number of women at some point in their life. Lumps, tenderness and breast pain are also very common when you’re approaching your period. Basically, don’t panic just yet if you notice a lump. However, when lumps feel hard, immovable and painful you should definitely get yourself checked by a doctor.

4. Boobs Can Feel Different At Different Times

It depends on what point of your cycle you’re at. The milk-producing tissues become more active in the days leading up to your period, which is why your breasts feel so tender at this time and can even feel a bit painful. Also, their size can change at different times of the month. During sexy-time or certain points of your menstrual cycle or also because of contraceptive pills, there are a few factors that can influence the size of your breasts.

5. Your Left Boob Is Probably Bigger Than The Right

facts about breasts

Perfect, symmetrical boobs aren’t really real. They may be called twins, but in most women, one is always slightly bigger than the other. More often than not, it’s the left one. One theory is because the heart lies below it and the blood pumped from the area is the reason why it could be slightly bigger than the other one.

6. The Size Of Your Breasts Depends On Weight And Genetics 

Whether you’re busty or not really depends on your body size and DNA. Breasts are almost wholly comprised of fatty tissue, which explains why you can drop a few sizes when you lose weight or increase in size if you gain weight. Other than that, there’s really not much you can do about the size of your girls, so embrace them and love them the way they are.

7. Anyone With Breast Tissue Is At Risk Of Breast Cancer

facts about breasts

It’s important to feel your breasts often to know what is normal and how to spot anything different or harmful. Remember early detection is the best way to beat it so go ahead and feel yourself up. Every woman should conduct a self-examination once a month by cupping your breasts and moving your hands in a circular pattern, also make sure to check the area below your underarms. If you detect and irregularity it’s best to visit a doctor.

8. Your Breasts WILL Sag One Day

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but saggy boobs are pretty much unavoidable. With age, just like our skin, our boobs will also tend to sag. However perky they are right now, as you grow older your body will produce less oestrogen, your milk glands will regress into fatty tissue and your boobs can lose their firmness. Wearing a bra that fits you right and not smoking will keep them perkier for longer, though. Basically, stop complaining about how big or small they are and make the most of what you have now.

9. You Can Do Your Bit To Cut Down Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

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Obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer, so one thing to do is to maintain a healthy weight. Staying fit is always a healthy choice after all. Also, alcohol can increase your risk too, so it’s smart to rethink the number of cocktails you drink every week.

10.  Your Boobs Could Hurt Thanks To A Number Of Reasons

Boob pain and sensitivity is often caused thanks to hormonal changes, fluctuation in your cycle, pregnancy or sensitivity to oestrogen caused by birth control pills. Some women are also just more sensitive to oestrogen compared to others. Also, the wrong bra that isn’t providing enough support can also be the reason behind breast pain. Working out, especially doing chest exercises and push-ups can cause muscle soreness behind your boobs (your pectoral muscles), which can feel like achy breasts.

11. You Don’t Need To Worry About What Men Like

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You may think that some men love big breasts while some prefer smaller chests, but the truth is men just love boobs – any boobs. So stop worrying. What you have is awesome and you should be proud of them.

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