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Everything You Need To Know About Seamless Underwear

Everything You Need To Know About Seamless Underwear
The past few decades, we’ve ALL noticed the growing popularity of thinner, tighter clothes. With these tight (and frequently thin) garments becoming part of our wardrobes, the popularity of seamless underwear has grown too! Wearing everyday undies under these sleek pieces, frankly speaking, can be quite disastrous - whereas seamless undergarments are almost invisible under these pieces. However, seamless underwear, flawless as it may appear to be, can be really tricky and if you don’t buy the right kind -  it CAN ruin your whole look. Here is everything you need to keep in mind while buying (and wearing) seamless underwear!

1. The right size

Seamless Underwear

This is THE most important thing to keep in mind while buying seamless underwear. If you go wrong on the size of your undergarments and wear them under tight clothes, it will result in unwanted bumps and bulges. SO not pleasant! Bras that are too small will only make you bulge out - front, back and sides! While panties that are too small will only accentuate your hips and thighs…even if your body fat percentage is almost nil! A big NO! If you wear underwear that is bigger than your size? Unwanted creases and wedgies. The ultimate fashion disaster one can be in!

It is extremely important to know the right fit for you like the back of your hand - try out different sizes from different brands until you arrive at just the right fit!

2. The different styles

Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear comes in various styles. You should always make sure that the underwear you are going to be wearing with a certain garment actually works for it. Know the difference between a T-shirt bra and a push-up bra, and similarly a brief and a G-string. Comfort is another factor to consider while choosing the right style. If you are uncomfortable wearing G-strings, seamless panties with increased coverage will be the right choice for you. We all know how unpleasant uncomfortable underwear can be, so make sure you put some thought into choosing the right undergarments to go with your look.

3. The right colours

 Seamless Underwear

Yes, we all love bright pinks and sexy reds. But is it ideal for everyday wear? The answer is no. Always, ALWAYS choose colours that go with your dress. Many of us turn a blind eye to the choice of our undergarment colours…but when it comes to fitted garments with thin fabrics, the colour of undergarments play a HUGE role!  

The White Misconception!

There is a strong misconception that wearing white undergarments under white or sheer garments won’t let the undergarments be visible. WRONG.  ALWAYS opt for nude-toned undergarments while wearing white or sheer fabric. The nude tone blends with the skin, hence making the undergarment completely invisible.

4. Beware of the sheen

Seamless Underwear

Since all seamless undergarments are elastic, they have a subtle shine in their fabric…most visible in bras. Always take notice if the sheen is too visible in broad daylight. The best way to not let it draw attention is to wear the same colour as your dress or T-shirt. For instance, a black bra under a black shirt. To be on the safe side, always take a note of this when you are out buying seamless underwear next time. Even nude bras can be problematic if you’re wearing a snug pale pink T-shirt, and your boobs are basically shining through. Opt for matte finish undies, even if they’re slightly more expensive than the shinier versions.

5. The right shapewear

Seamless Underwear

Ah, the life saviours when you need your tummy tucked in or when you need to smoothen out unflattering bulges while wearing tight fitted clothes. Seamless shapewear is the most essential element of a woman’s wardrobe today.

Though shapewear may instantly make your figure look more flattering, wearing the wrong kind will only do the opposite. There are the classic mid-thigh-length shorts to make your thighs look slimmer and high rise panties that conceal the stomach. Make sure you are aware of your body type before buying a seamless shapewear. Once you know the right size for your bra and panty, choosing the right shapewear should be a piece of cake!

A quick recap : Correct size, the right styles, careful colour selection, the right finish, and knowing what works for your body!

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