Genelia Reveals The Secret To Her Brilliant Glow. It’s THIS Easy!

Genelia Reveals The Secret To Her Brilliant Glow. It’s THIS Easy!
Change is, and will always be, the only constant. With every stage of life comes the changing needs of one’s skin. Bollywood actor Genelia D’Souza is no stranger to these changes. She never let her hectic career (coupled with motherhood) take a toll on her skin and as a result we’ve always seen her glowing on and off screen. Here, we reveal how to get glowing skin like Genelia, all day, every day…

1. Know Your Skin Type

The first step to flawless skin is to know your skin type. Unless you know the kind of skin you have, there is no way you can correct it. Your skin could be oily, sensitive, normal, combination, dry or damaged. Once you figure your skin type, you can figure an appropriate skincare routine.

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2. Drink Lots Of Water

This point cannot be stressed often enough. Drinking an appropriate amount of water through the day keeps your skin hydrated and regulates the functions of your body, thus benefiting your skin’s health.

3. Cut Skin Ageing At The Root

Our skin goes through many changes through the different stages of our life. Contrary to popular belief, skin ageing starts much before your 30s and if not addressed on time, can lead to tired, damaged skin much early than your 30s. Skin damage can be seen in many forms including fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, the appearance of prominent pores and age spots, uneven skin tone, surface dullness and dryness. Address all these problems with one solution: Olay. The Olay Total Effects range, consisting of a cleanser, serum and a day cream give your skin a brilliant tone and glow...just like Genelia’s. Don’t believe us? Let Genelia tell you herself!
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4. Say Hello To Vitamins

You will often see cosmetic products that contain Vitamins E and C. This is because these vitamins play an important role to keep your skin in top shape. While Vitamin C is involved in the development of collagen and in damaging free radicals in the body, Vitamin E protects your skin from the effects of ageing and keeps it radiant. Vitamin C is found in foods like oranges, broccoli, pineapples and guavas, while Vitamin E is found in nuts, greens, avocado and cereals.

5. Skip Those Fries

Fried food (and even processed food) contains trans-fatty acids that wreck havoc on your skin. Trans fatty acids are also responsible for UV radiation-induced oxidative damage to your skin. Eat fresh as much as you can and try and avoid all that fried food you love so much.

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6. Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity has cardiovascular benefits and anything that promotes blood circulation also keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. An increase in blood flow helps flush cellular debris out of your system and hence cleanses your skin from the inside. It’s time to get off that couch.

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