Just 6 Weeks To A Fitter You?! Yes - THIS Is How!

Just 6 Weeks To A Fitter You?! Yes - THIS Is How!
Six weeks down of the Nike+ Training Club Challenge and we’ve got a more renewed energy at the POPxo office. Why? Four of our team members, Gopika E.M, Simar Rana, Sanjana Eipe and Sharon Alphonso started their journey to fitness with the Nike+ Training Club Challenge - A 12-week program designed by 6 Master Trainers from Nike to get them fitter, stronger and faster! While the initial weeks were a bit of a struggle for them and one of them almost wanted to give up, at the end of 6 weeks they seem  #betterforit than they have ever been! Week 5 and 6 with Alex Hipwell was all about increasing flexibility while engaging the entire body. It helped the girls find stability and core strength. Here, they share their journey so far and all the changes these 6 weeks have brought to their lifestyles, bodies and minds!

1. “30 minutes of stretching? No problem!” - Simar

In the fifth and sixth weeks of the NTC challenge, I wanted to concentrate on feeling strong and energised. Having finished 6 weeks of the NTC Challenge, I definitely feel more active than I have ever felt!

nike fitness challenge

Traci Copeland’s Vinyasa Rush Studio routine was my favourite this week. It is a 15-minute workout that features in the Get Focused section of the NTC app. While it did not involve very vigorous exercises, it was a routine that engaged the entire body from my core to my arms to my legs. Since it did not require any specific equipment apart from a yoga mat, I found it convenient - I could perform these exercises in the park, in the comfort of my home and on my terrace, depending on the weather. It served its purpose well, as the poses and stretches ensured my body and mind felt recharged!

What I also particularly enjoyed during these past 2 weeks were my runs (surprise, surprise!). I have, for most of my life, dreaded running! While I enjoyed doing other forms of exercise, running was something I never looked forward to. However, with increased strength also comes increased stamina. I am no longer huffing and puffing and thinking of running as a punishment. I really didn’t think I would see such a day.

I cannot stop wishing that I had discovered this app sooner! But as they say, better late than never :)

2. “The Barre Strength workout - boy was it strenuous!!”

I began the fifth week with the Goal Getter workout by Christen Press. As the session was nearing to an end, I realised that the difficulty level of each workout was getting lower. Lunges and side planks - which I dreaded doing for even 30 secs - I could now do with ease. What’s more, I can stretch these planks and lunges to up to two minutes without any difficulty at all.

nike fitness challenge

Not only is there an enormous amount of difference in my stamina, I have definitely improved and built my strength as well. The Barre Strength workout by Alex Hipwell was one such session that helped me build strength as the moves were specifically targeted towards sculpting my muscles and improving my alignment. I repeated the workout in the sixth week as well. Only this time, I could successfully complete the plank leg circle move without a pause.

Looking back, I definitely believe that I am achieving my workout goals of “toning” and “building strength”. I look forward to exploring other areas of the NTC app and taking on challenges that will push me to become a better me!

3. Two more journeys to share...

While we have been following Gopika and Simar’s progress in the first 6 weeks, two more members of our team, Sanjana Eipe, Marketing and Sales Director and Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle Writer, have taken up the challenge too! In fact, so determined are Sharon and Sanjana about their progress that they attended a workout session held by NTC Elevated trainer Urmi Kothari in Mumbai last week. Urmi primarily focussed on a core workout with planks, mountain climbers and side raises in focus. Both ladies were so proud of their achievements, they celebrated with some decadent chocolate cake!

nike fitness challenge

We will be sharing their progress in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! We hope this series helps you get inspired, get out, stop thinking and just do it!

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