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11 Kinds Of Selfies - How Many Did YOU Know About?!

11 Kinds Of Selfies - How Many Did YOU Know About?!
We all love taking selfies. It’s almost hard to imagine life without clicking every moment of it to preserve as a fond memory! But there are so many different kinds of selfies that it can become hard to keep up with each one! Here, the POPxo team shows you the different kinds of selfies out there...

1. Happy Feet

Wearing fab shoes and want to show them off a little? Take a shoefie! This is legit guys. Shoes deserve their own space in a picture! Rather, their very own picture! Own too many shoes? Well, you better get your hands on a phone with superb inbuilt memory to store pictures of all those shoes you love so much!
kinds of selfies Source: Priyanka Gill on Instagram

2. Doggy Love

Woofie: a selfie with your loyal four-legged friend. We all know how hard a selfie with your pets can get, so make sure you have a wide-screen smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen that responds to your touch fast and manages to capture your restless little ball of fur. kinds of selfies Source: Divya Sharma on Instagram

3. In The Sack

Our celebs have really taken to this one: bedfies are selfies taken in bed! “I’m sleepy, but I still want to show the world how fab I am” ;) kinds of selfies Source: Kritika Rathi

4. Two And Two Together

You and your bae! What cuter than a couplefie. This romantic selfie with your partner will be something you will remember much after the picture has been taken. A phone with a brilliant front camera and auto-focus is essential for such a picture. Go on, click already! kinds of selfies Source: Raoul Bostrom on Instagram

5. For The Love Of Food

A selfie with your food? It’s called a foodfie! We love food and we sure as hell think that it deserves its own place not only at the table but also in our phones! For times when we want to remember all the wonderful things we ate. kinds of selfies Source: Dakshee Haryani

6. A Bunch Of Crazies

Just you and your gang in a frame is called a groupfie. What’s better than a selfie with all your favourite people in it? We almost always want to click pictures with our besties and there is absolutely no reason needed to do so! Just make sure you use a phone with a selfie panorama so that you don’t miss out on anyone!
kinds of selfies Source: Kritika Rathi

7. For The Fitness Enthusiast

Every now and then, even while working out, we need a break. Spend it wisely and take a healthfie. A selfie of you working out or eating/ drinking something super healthy. Make the world jealous of that hot bod! kinds of selfies Source: Apurva Lama

8. Into The Light

Girls know this one. A loofie is a selfie in the loo or bathroom. Our favourite kind really. We do it all the time, whether by ourselves or with friends! It’s just the perfect lighting most bathrooms have that draw us to them! Don’t have good lighting? No worries. Just make sure you use a phone with dual color real tone flash and a real good auto-laser focus lens! kinds of selfies Source: Divya Sharma on Instagram

9. Working Girl

You’ve gotta show people you work hard too. Which you do of course! But a nice quick selfie while working never hurt anyone right? And here steps in the workfie! kinds of selfies Source: Apurva Lama on Instagram

10. While Driving!!

How do you entertain yourself at those long traffic lights? Put on your best smile and pose for the camera! The light is always perfect and the pictures are even better ! “ I am sure you already have tonnes of these “Carfies” !
kinds of selfies Source: Kritika Rathi

11. For The Vain Diva!

Can’t get enough yourself? Is the mirror your best friend? Then you’ve probably taken a lot many Mirrfies (pronounced Murphy). kinds of selfies Source: Apurva Lama on Instagram Don’t think we’ve run out of selfies just yet. ASUS believes you can achieve a lot and much more with a selfie. Want to tell someone you love them? Miss your parents and want to express your feelings? Send them a selfie. This video captures a brilliant initiative by ASUS where they got people to “donate” a selfie to their loved ones. A simple click of a button to express everything they were feeling. The result - priceless selfies and and the truest expression of love ever. Because why should you say less, when you can say so much more...
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