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Dear Future Husband, These Are My 7 Promises To You!

Dear Future Husband, These Are My 7 Promises To You!

Dear Future Husband, I few things I promise you today, and I swear that I will always remember these and live by them, even through the most difficult times. After all, we want to be happy together! Love, Your Future Wife

1. I may have had relationships before, but that doesn’t meant that I won’t love you.

If we choose to spend our future together, know that it is because you have your place in my heart - and in my life.
future husband 1

2. I may not be the easiest person to get along with, but for you I will always try.

Even if it means that I have to talk and smile before I've had my morning coffee, and put away my phone when you want to rant about your most boring colleagues.

3. I may always love my parents more than I love yours, but they will never find this out.

I will treat them with respect even if I don't agree with their opinions; with indulgence, when they plan things for us that are not really my cup of tea; and always with gratitude, for without them you would not be in my life.

4. I may not want to become best friends with your friends, but I will always be polite and utterly charming to them.

Even if I don't like them at all. But it's okay, because you are my person, and your people have to be my people too. future husband 4

5. I will always, always help you live your dreams.

And expect you to help me live mine, of course. And the ones we have together, for both of us.

6. I may or may not be a virgin, but that is irrelevant to us.

Just like it is irrelevant how much “experience” you’ve had. When you and I are in bed together, you will be the only person I will think about. (Apart from myself, of course!)

7. I may sometimes get angry and say things that I don't really mean, but I will never give up on us.

Just bear with me, please. I will get over my temper - soon! And I will always hear you out (and not hold a grudge) when you fight with me. future husband 7 GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: Dear Future Husband, Here Are 12 Things I Want You To Know! MUST-READ: Dear Boyfriend, Here Are A Few Things I Want To Thank You For!
Published on Oct 15, 2015
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