Bold, Colourful And Breathtaking: We Are Indian Women!

Bold, Colourful And Breathtaking: We Are Indian Women!
All of us have some women in our lives who've made a lasting impression. Some of them might be a part of your families, some might be friends you've made along the way, some may just be strangers you've passed on the road. And there are some moments that we've shared with them that are just ingrained in our minds forever. It could be the first time you saw your mother putting on kajal, or when your nani cooked your favourite dish and you watched from on top of the counter. The colour of your sister's wedding lehenga or the mehendi on your best friend's palm. There are just some things that will always remind you of them because those women have left an imprint on you. This video by Craftsvilla celebrates women in all their glory. It's mesmerizing and just beautifully shot with such captivating colours! If watching this doesn't bring up some memories of your own, we'd be very surprised!

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