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Here’s How You Know THAT Dress Is Perfect For You!

Here’s How You Know THAT Dress Is Perfect For You!
When we go out shopping for that perfect dress, we always have an idea of what we are looking for. But besides how the dress looks, there are a lot of things we miss out on while we are purchasing it. Here is our comprehensive guide to things you need to keep in mind before you go out there to splurge on that one piece.

1. Find something that accentuates your shape!

There are a myriad variety of dresses available out there - choose the ones that add dimension to your personality and flatter your frame. If you’re a girl with wider hips, go for something that is more flowy down the waist. If you love your waistline, go for one with a fitted waist that definitely shows it off.

Buying a dress

2. Comfort is a huge factor

Dresses are standalone pieces, and remember that it’s all you have on. So you need to get one that you’re totally comfortable in. When you try on the dress, make sure to check how you feel - if you have to ask if it is too tight, it probably is. Don’t ignore how you feel in it because you have to carry this off the whole day sometimes.

3. Definitely try on the dress

Don’t have time, but think you found the one? We’d advise: don’t buy it rather than buying it without a trial. Wear the dress, walk around, sit in it, bend forward to see if it’s too short at the back/ too plunge-y in the front, whether it bunches up around your mid-section when you’re moving about. You have to be able to imagine yourself wearing that to the event you intend to, and sitting through the whole thing. Only then will you feel confident about your purchase!

Buying a dress

4. Get the right kind of lingerie for it

Wearing a dress which is super-fitted? Have to wear the right kind of shapewear under it! Wearing on that has cutouts at the shoulder? Get a racer-back bra. Wearing a strapless dress? Get that strapless bra. You don’t want to kill the whole look because of bulges and things peeking from underneath.

5. Alterations for that perfect fit

Have to wear this dress to a special event? Be prepared to get it altered before you plan to wear it. Dresses available in the market are standard sizes, but when you wear them, you don’t want it to look like you borrowed it from somewhere for sure! Get it fitted where it is needed. Even the best fit you can find at a store (out of the size options available) can be improved by a good tailor.

Buying a dress

6. Always look at a few options before buying

When buying a dress, spend some time looking at a few options. You want to get the one that flawlessly gels with your personality - and your personal style. To find that, you have to scout around a bit so that you know you picked the best of the lot! No regrets then.

7. Experiment with different styles

We all have particular styles that we love - some of us like the halterneck ones, some like the loose ones belted at the waist. Even then, try out different styles every now and then. With trends changing faster than you can imagine, you will be surprised to see how something you didn’t imagine would look good actually looks stunning on you. Besides, just because you love something already doesn’t mean you can’t love something else too!

Buying a dress

8. Trust your instincts

Ultimately, you are the one who has to carry it off. So even if your shopping buddy or the store attendant thinks the dress looks gorgeous, if you have even the tiniest doubt about it, then we say, toss the dress and walk away. After all, all eyes are going to be on you, not them!!

9. Set a budget, but be a bit flexible

Yes, we all have a certain amount of money we want to spend on a particular outfit, but when searching for that dress for a special occasion, don’t worry about stepping over the line a bit - because it’s totally worth it if you find something pretty that exceeds your expectations!

Buying a dress

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