How To Balance Your Love Life And Your Friendships

How To Balance Your Love Life And Your Friendships
Do your friends mind that you spend most of your time with your boyfriend? And your boyfriend often complains that you spend all your time with your friends? Well, it is not uncommon for those of us in relationships to be stuck in this little balancing act between friends and our boyfriends (and often feeling like we fail both parties!). Balancing time, energy and effort can often be tiring. So if you’re in a similar situation, here are few things you can do.

1. Set a weekly date night schedule

Not just with your boyfriend, but also with your friends! While it may not be possible to meet everyone all the time and everyday, it's important to work a way out to meet your friends frequently too. They’re used to seeing you and still want to spend as much time with you. So make sure to set out a night for them too!

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2. Don’t ditch one for the other

Don’t make plans and cancel last minute with either of them for the other. Doing that not only leads to them being upset with you, but also creates negativity between your friends and your boyfriend. Of course if there is a genuine situation, the other party should understand. But from your end, plan ahead and avoid double booking as much as possible!

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3. Try and split your time if you’re busy

Meet your friends for an early dinner or lunch and meet your boyfriend after? Or the other way round! Whatever works for you. If you only have one night you can spare to go out and hang out with your people, try and split it if possible. And if it’s not, ask them if they would be okay hanging out with you together.  

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4. Make an effort to make them get along too!

Trust us, it will only make life much easier for you. Make them hang out together with you! If you’re going to be in a relationship with someone, it's important that you make an effort for them to get along with your friends. Try and find common ground and let them be friends!

5. Talk to them about it if you find yourself in a difficult spot

If you’re feeling pressurised and feel like both your friends and your partner are unable to understand your situation, talk to them about it. Along with balancing relationships, you’re also trying to balance work, home, studies, and so on. Having less time for either or occasionally spending more time with the other is completely natural. Those who want to see you happy will understand that! So talk it out and stop feeling guilty.

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