9 WTF Things You’ll Hear If Your Boyfriend Is Younger Than You!

9 WTF Things You’ll Hear If Your Boyfriend Is Younger Than You!
Have you ever dated a younger guy? Because if you have, you know it comes with some challenges! While some people don't blink an eye, others have a very difficult time processing the news. Here are some very annoying thing you hear if you’re dating a guy younger than you!

1. “So, you guys aren't serious, right?”

Why is it that just because you're dating someone younger everyone automatically assumes that you can't be serious about the guy? No, WHY?

2. “But isn't he very immature?”

Thankfully enough, the maturity level of a person is not determined by their age. Or you would be a toddler still.

younger boyfriend 2

3. “Aren't you worried that he's just having fun?”

Aren't you worried that I'm just having fun? We could both be having fun. Or we could both be having fun and be seriously into each other. How is this your business?

4. “How did you guys manage to meet?”

Um, hello! The same way other couples meet? I didn't meet him at a convention for guys who like to date older girls.

younger boyfriend 4

5. “But why would you date him?”

Because I LIKE him. More than I can say for you right now.

6. “Don't your parents think this is weird?”

Um, no. Because they actually respect my decision and don't poke their nose in my private life!

younger boyfriend 6

7. “Oh god, he looks like your younger brother.”

I would have taken that as an insult, but then I realized that your opinion is worth sh*t to me.

8. “What are you, like, his sugar mommy?!”

What are you, like, DUMB? Can you not process the fact that the man doesn't always have to be older than the woman in a relationship?

younger boyfriend 8

9. “He's wayyy too young for you.”

And who the hell are you to decide that? The relationship police?!

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