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9 Random Things People Ask When You Start Dating Someone (Uff!)

9 Random Things People Ask When You Start Dating Someone (Uff!)
Like we don’t already have enough drama in our lives to deal with, that people poke us even more with their random questions the minute they discover we have a new love interest in life! To all these annoying questions, here’s what we wish we could say in answer...

1. But, weren’t you with [insert ex’s name]?

Yes, I was. And now I am not. Why are YOU acting so shocked? Get over it, my ex and I have! dating someone new

2. But he was a great guy, what happened?

It didn’t work out - that’s what happened. And uhm.. yeah, he was a great guy and I am no bitch either. Thanks!
dating someone new

3. So, have you kissed this new guy?

Legit ONLY if my close friends ask me this, otherwise just why should I tell this to any random person and let them judge me even more?! dating someone new

4. Ooo, big bucks, haan… makes falling in love easier, no?

Wow. You think I am with him for his money. At least now I know what makes falling in love easier for YOU! dating someone new

5. So you’re serious about him?

I like him enough to date him, but yeah not started dreaming of marriage or naming my kids with him, and that’s kinda fair, don’t you think so? dating someone new

6. Did he ask you to meet his parents?

We just started dating, dude - I’ll freak out if he asks me to his parents so soon! dating someone new

7. I have this really cute friend. Do you want me to set you up with him?

What? Why? You know I am in a relationship. Not even funny, really! dating someone new

8. Your biological clock is ticking, why don’t you settle down with him?

I am sorry I am not gonna get married just for the purpose of adding more kids to this crowded world.
dating someone new

9. But why date someone you won’t/ can’t marry?

Who said you should date only if you can marry the person you’re dating? Uff! And who said that I’m saying no forever and ever? I’ll do stuff in my own time, okay?! dating someone new GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr MUST-READ: 20 Things We Want To Ask On A Date, But Are Kind Of Shy! MUST-READ: 10 Things You Should NEVER Wear On A First Date