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Sleep Better! And 9 Other Reasons To Run Every Day!

Sleep Better! And 9 Other Reasons To Run Every Day!
Do you come up with countless excuses every time someone says “exercise”? Does it take you a lot of effort to get out of bed and workout outdoors? We’ve been there too. But all it took us to change our ways was to try running. Yes, you might be sore on day 1, but you will love the rush it gives you once you’ve given it a chance. Running boosts energy and leads to a happier you, which in turn leads to a  quick turnaround of your day. Unconvinced? Here are 10 reasons to help you get up, get out and run...

1. Best Stress Buster

We know how stressful some days can be. Days when you just want to give up. For a quick turnaround of your day, running is the best solution. The endorphins released during a run uplift your mood, clear your mind and prevent stress from building up. Plus, a dose of fresh air always works well to calm one’s nerves. So, instead of resorting to a binge-eating session or a reality TV marathon, try an actual run outdoors.

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2. Saves You Money

No expensive gym membership or fancy equipment needed! All you need to run are a good pair of running shoes that support your ankles well, let your feet breathe and make movement easier. Lace up those kicks, plug in your earphones and just start; and spend that gym budget on some more shopping!

3. It’s A Fantastic Way To Explore Your City! 

From parks to city sidewalks, there’s plenty to explore on a run. Going around on foot could give you a very different perspective of your city, and you might also find a few hidden shortcuts to escape the crazy traffic!

4. TLC For Your Heart

Show your heart some tender, loving care and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Running is the quickest and the most efficient way to cardiovascular fitness. It decreases cholesterol and blood pressure, hence strengthening the heart muscles and preventing heart-related problems. A healthy heart = a longer life.

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5. You Will Sleep Like A Baby

Running improves sleeping patterns which means cheerful mornings, which in turn translates to you having better days. Say bye bye to sleepless nights and wake up without feeling groggy. Ergo, increased efficiency at work and in life! Studies and experiments prove that regular runners have more energy compared to their non-running counterparts to last throughout the day. SO MUCH WIN!

6. You Can Run Your Way Into Those Skinny Jeans

If you’re on the wrong side of the weighing scale, then running is the thing for you! It is the fastest way to your goal weight when combined with a healthy diet. If you are already at your ideal weight, running helps you keep that weight consistent by converting them fats into muscles. Good riddance, we say!

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7. Builds Your Core Strength And Stamina

While you may not be the one to spend an hour in the gym lifting weights, you can still build your core strength by simply running one hour weekly. Good core strength and stamina build up will help you perform better and enjoy your workouts. Your energy levels are balanced out and last longer...and it’s not just restricted to the track!

8. Make New Friends

Running is a great way to make like-minded friends outside of your circle. Having running buddies is a good way to get motivated for a run and you can share health tips with each other. You can set goal targets together and with so much energy around you, you never be at a loss for motivation and inspiration. Nike+ Running is a handy app to have on your phone to record your progress and share it with your running buddies.  

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9. Run For A Cause

Running for a cause implies setting long-term fitness goals whilst doing your bit to contribute to a certain cause. Signing up for fundraising marathons or roadraces that contribute to social causes is not just a great way to keep you motivated but it is also extremely fulfilling.

10. Look And Feel Your Best

Don’t we all want to look our best everyday? Running can help you look good without having to try so hard. Sweat and increased heart rate while running helps your body clear up those pores, hence giving you a flawless, glowing skin. And as a bonus, it also helps you get leaner legs and a great butt! If that’s not enough, sign up for a marathon - even if you are the last one to complete the marathon, you are still a winner. There are few things in life that feel better!

Need some more inspiration? This Nike: Last video is the only thing you’ll need to watch to be motivated to compete. Go on, just do it!

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