How To Glam Up Your Work Look With Your Bridal Jewellery! | POPxo

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How To Glam Up Your Work Look With Your Bridal Jewellery!

How To Glam Up Your Work Look With Your Bridal Jewellery!

So the honeymoon is finally over and it’s time to get back to work? With all that beautiful jewellery you’ve been wearing day in and day out during your wedding, it’s almost a shame to let go! But why let go at all? You can always wear precious jewellery to work as long as it is appropriate and goes with your outfit. Here are some great tips on post-wedding office looks (for different professions) and the right kind of jewellery to pair with each kind of professional look!

1. The Consultant

A consultant has the freedom to work from anywhere and hence has the liberty to wear clothes that are comfortable. Opt for a comfortable pair of jeans with a tee that is made of breathable fabric. Let your feet thank you by wearing comfy lace-ups or plimsolls. This girl needs jewellery that is not too heavy since most consultants or freelancers tend to travel a lot. A modernistic-yet-simple set of bangles will go well with every kind of causal outfit! post-wedding work looks

2. The Corporate Girl

Corporate rules can be very rigid and hence gives on less scope for experimentation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Pair a striped (vertical stripes if you’re broad-shouldered), well fitted shirt with a pair of structured pants for a crisp, formal look. Add a dash of daring with a beautiful necklace and earrings set. It will make heads turn at work. post-wedding work looks

3. The Professor

Teaching can be a hard profession but to win the hearts of your students, dressing right is as important as being a good guide and leader. Structured suits and well-tied sarees portray a confident woman. Pair with an elegant neckpiece that screams attention but commands respect.
post-wedding work looks

4. The Publishing House Girl

Someone who works at a publishing house has to adhere to tight deadlines and stick to schedules. Semi-formals are the way to go in such a situation. A shirt with a pair of jeans is practical yet respectable. Pair with this stunning bracelet for a hint of chutzpah! post wedding work looks

5. The Public Relations Professional

PR professionals need to look in top shape at all times. A flirty pencil dress with a blazer or a colourful A-line dress can do wonders for your confidence. Pick jewellery that is cute, fun and young to compliment your style. A necklace and earrings set speaks positive attitude and confidence. post wedding work looks
Published on Oct 30, 2015
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