Easy Peasy Moves For Super Toned Arms!!

Easy Peasy Moves For Super Toned Arms!!
Been longing for those sculpted arms you see on models and celebrities but the exercises you’re doing just don’t pay off? Truth is, toned arms never go out of style and to achieve those beautifully chiseled biceps, triceps and deltoids, we bring you a host of extremely efficient exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home. The best part is, these exercises don’t take much time to perform and you don’t even need complex, heavy-duty equipment for them. All you need is the Nike+ Training Club app (NTC) to become a better you. Here’s how to, with a few easy exercises…

1. For Defined Arms

Getting the arms you have always coveted is as easy as getting on to the NTC app. To start off, pick the ‘Arm Definer’ workout from the ‘Get Focused’ section of the NTC app. This workout takes just 15 mins of your time each day. Here are four brilliant moves from the workout:

Alternating Medicine Ball Push Up

This move causes your core muscles to work harder as you try and find stability on a medicine ball while performing a push up. Just follow these steps:

- Start in push-up position with the medicine ball under one hand.

- Lower down as far as you can and push back up to start position.

- Roll the ball to the other hand.

- Repeat the push up on the other side.

exercises for toned arms

Plank Row

This dynamic exercise increases mid and upper back strength. It also increases stability and tones your triceps in addition to making you focus on your core.

- Start in a push-up position with feet wide apart.

- Keep hips square to the floor and row with one arm, pinching the shoulder blade towards the spine.

- Return to start position and repeat. Switch sides halfway through.

exercises for toned arms

Single Leg Arm Curls

This move adds an additional unstable element to the traditional bicep curl and hence hones your balance by targeting your core. By providing a twist in a traditional exercise, you keep your body from adapting to a workout and thus make the workout more efficient.

- Stand with arms by your sides and a slight bend at the knee.

- Lift one leg, bending at the knee, and balance on the other foot.

- Hinge from the elbows to bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Lower and repeat, switching legs halfway through.

exercises for toned arms

Sumo Squat With Press

This move not only benefits your arms, it also adds definition and builds muscle in your glutes and hamstrings. It is super effective if you’re looking at focusing on more muscle groups than just one.

- Stand with feet wide, toes turned out, holding hands up by your shoulders.

- Squat the hips down towards the floor.

- Come back up, squeezing your butt and legs, and press your hands up above your head. Repeat.

exercises for toned arms

2. For Sculpted Arms

Another repertoire of really cool workouts in the “Get Focused” section of the NTC app, the “Sculpted Arms” workout helps you get chiseled arms with minimum effort in just 15 minutes. Here are a few moves from the workout. For the full workout, head to the app. Let’s get started!

Frogger To Shoulder Press

This exercise works your shoulders, glutes and thighs. It is a dynamic workout that also makes your core stronger.

- Start in a push-up position with hands close together.

-  Jump feet forward to the outside of your hands.

- Staying low in a squat, press arms above your head.

- Jump back to start position and repeat.

exercises for toned arms

Modified Tricep Push-Up

A great way to get your triceps in shape, the modified tricep push-up uses the weight of your body to build strength and muscle.

- Kneel with your hands out in front. Bring your hips forward to shift the weight over your shoulders.

- Lower your body towards the floor, keeping your butt down and abs tight. Push up and repeat.

exercises for toned arms

Plank Front Raise To Rotation

An excellent move for your shoulders and core, the plank front raise to rotation also builds stability. The NTC app recommends one minute of this workout for maximum effect.

- Start in push-up position with feet shoulder-width apart.

- Raise one arm straight out in front of you.

- Bring arm back down to the floor and rotate it up in the air.

- Bring arm down and repeat, switching sides halfway through.

exercises for toned arms

Side Lunge With Arm Curl

Another highly effective workout that targets different muscle groups and not just one. It is easy to follow and super fun to do.

- Starting with feet together, step out to a side lunge with one leg bent and one leg straight.

- Push back to the start position and arm curl at the same time.

- Continue on the same side, driving weight down through the heel of the bent leg, and switch sides halfway through.

exercises for toned arms

3. For Shapely Shoulders

A very important part of toned arms are great-looking shoulders. They lend an aesthetic appeal to toned biceps and triceps and help you carry off any outfit with ease. Just pick the “Shoulder Shaper” workout from the “Get Focused” section of the NTC app. Here are our favourite moves from the 15-minute workout:

Alternating Plank Front Raises

Your shoulders and core work while you perform this exercise. Remember to keep your back straight and to push yourself, focus on those lovely shoulders that you dream of.

- Start in plank position with hands directly under your shoulders and your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.

- Raise one arm up so that your arm is next to your ear.

- Return to start position.

- Raise the other arm up, and keep alternating arms the whole time.

exercises for toned arms

Burpee To Shoulder Press

This exercise will get your heart racing due to its pace and at the same time targets your shoulder muscles for maximum output.

- Start in a push-up position with dumbbells in your hands.

- Jump your feet up towards your hands, bringing your chest up and knees outside your elbows.

- Stand up with the dumbbells and press them over your head.

- Come back down, bringing dumbbells to the floor. Jump back to push-up position and repeat.

exercises for toned arms

Single Leg Deadlift Reverse Fly

This move takes a lot of coordination but, believe us, your shoulders will thank you. All you need to do is practise it a few times to get your balance and coordination right.

- Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by your side with dumbbells in each hand.

- Bend at the waist to bring your chest parallel to the floor, raising one leg out behind you.

- Tighten abs and bring arms out to your sides so they are parallel to the floor.

- Stand back up, bringing arms to your side. Repeat, switching legs halfway through your time.

exercises for toned arms

Single Leg Shoulder T’s

Here, you’re engaging your core when you try to balance on one leg. While lifting weights in both hands, you’re also working your triceps and shoulders.

- Stand on one leg with arms by your sides and weighs in both hands.

- Raise arms up in front of you.

- Bring arms out to the side.

- Lower arms back down by your sides, and repeat in the opposite direction. Switch legs halfway through.

exercises for toned arms

It really is easy, isn’t it? Just working out a few minutes every day can give you the toned arms you’ve always wanted. Just focus to be #betterforit and you’ll see that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!

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