why i love my boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend, Here Are 12 Things I (Love To) Hate About You!

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

Dear Boyfriend,

You know I'm head over heels in love with you, but there are times when you're just TOO perfect. So perfect that I secretly start hating you a tiny bit for the amazing things you do. Do you know what I mean? It's almost like I'm jealous of you. Which might make me really weird, but somehow you love me back anyway. Here are just some of those things!

Love always,

Your Weirdo

1. I hate that you can say “I love you” to me with so much ease.

Because my head becomes a confused maze when I try to say it back.

2. I hate that thinking about a future with me doesn’t scare you even a tiny little bit.

Because I keep worrying that there will be some habit of mine that you won’t be able to live with.

3. I hate that I sometimes need you around to make me a better version of me.

Because you’re already more than I could imagine a guy to be.

why i love my boyfriend

4. I hate the way you tell me that you’re the lucky one in our relationship.

Because I’m sometimes secretly convinced that I’m the lucky one.

5. I hate the way you say absolutely ridiculous stuff just to annoy me.

Because I fall for it, every goddamn time.

6. I hate the way you look at me sometimes, like you can read my mind.

Because you actually do read my mind, even though you've only known me for a while.

why i love my boyfriend

7. I hate that I feel so comfortable with you.

Because I can’t even imagine a tomorrow without you.

8. I hate the way you take care of me.

Because you’ve spoilt me rotten.

9. I hate the way you make me so happy that I don’t notice anything but us.

Because you never give me the chance to feel jealous.

why i love my boyfriend

10. I hate the way I miss you.

Because you make sure to meet every day that you can.

11. I hate the way you smile sometimes.

Because I feel like you know a secret that I don’t.

12. I hate the way I love you.

Because it drives me totally crazy about you.

why i love my boyfriend

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Published on Oct 19, 2015
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