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Zodiac Fairytale: Which Disney Princess Are YOU?!

Zodiac Fairytale: Which Disney Princess Are YOU?!

We at POPxo love to read our horoscopes and, to be really honest, we also love Disney Princesses! We know the personalities of our castle-dwellers pretty well from having watched the movies time again! And so we’ve compiled a list of our favs based on their sun signs. Here they are...

Aries - Princess Megara

Aries women are feisty, strong, confident and sexy! No other princess fits the bill more than Princess Meg from Herclules! Her super sassy attitude combined with her red hot passion for life makes her the ultimate Aries princess! There is a lot more than first meets the eye with an Aries personality, and Meg’s mysterious charm fits the bill perfectly!  
which princess are you

Taurus - Cinderella

A Taurean is compassionate, reliable and dependable: all traits that Cinderella possesses. This princess also displays an impeccable amount of emotional strength, just like Taurean woman. People who are born under the Taurus sign are also very patient, just like Cinderella.   which princess are you

Gemini - Princess Jasmine

Geminis are notorious for their love of new things and places. They rarely leave stones unturned and crave adventure. Very Princess Jasmine! Even in Aladdin, we see two sides of her - echoing the twinnish traits of Gemini women.  Her love story with Aladdin too, is just like a Geminian’s would be: exciting and dangerous. which princess are you

Cancer - Ariel

Cancerians are water signs and the only thing they love more than water is the idea of love! This is just like Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Her love for Prince Eric sees her move from sea to land and explore new territories. Just like a true Cancerian, she too is a nurturing and caring individual. which princess are you

Leo - Rapunzel

Leos are fiercely loyal individuals, they know what they want from life. They are usually very ambitious and exude a cool confidence. Rapunzel embodies the traits of a warm Leo. Her loyalty towards her ‘mother’ can be seen clearly as well as the fact that she sacrifices her powers to keep her love alive!
which princess are you

Virgo - Princess Belle

Virgos are caring, hardworking, and practical people. Like a Virgo woman Princess Belle is self-sacrificing, loyal, kind and has a thirst for knowledge! People born under the Virgo sun sign are very connected to other people and they’re usually grounded. They have a knack of knowing how to do the right thing. which princess are you

Libra - Snow White

Librans love harmony, consistency, and peace. They also have the unique ability to make friends like no other sign. Remember Snow White and her little friends? (not only the dwarves, but the animals of the forest as well!).  You endeavour to always remain  fair, non-confrontational and  cooperative no matter what the circumstances are. Librans are also true romantics and believe in the concept of happily ever after!   which princess are you

Scorpio - Queen Elsa

Scorpios are known to be passionate and powerful and even though this princess is technically a queen we can’t ignore the strong resemblance between Elsa and Scorpio girls! Scorpios are strong, full of emotion and deeply loyal to people. Moreover, they are very happy to spend time with themselves! which princess are you

Sagittarius - Princess Anna

Princess Anna is such a Sagittarius! Her effortlessly cute charm and friendly demeanour combined with the way she wears her heart on her sleeve make her just like those born under this sign. She also goes to lengths to make sure her loved ones are happy. Her wild imagination and fun-loving attitude reminds us of every Sagittarian girl!
which princess are you

Capricorn - Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana possesses all the traits of a Capricornian woman. Her thoughtful and hard-working nature see her eventually achieve her goals and fulfil her dreams. This is very true of a Capricorn, as a good work ethic and a strong desire to succeed in life - combined with a mysterious, restless energy are what keep them going! which princess are you

Aquarius - Princess Merida

Aquarians are unique and have a progressive attitude towards life. Their admirably resilient and fiercely independent nature makes them rise above the ordinary. They love a challenge and fight for what’s important with passion and energy. Princess Merida from Brave (with her willingness to protect her family) is the ultimate Aquarius chick! which princess are you

Pisces - Princess Pocahontas

Pisces women are known to be intuitive, artistic and loving people who are very much in touch with nature. So we think Pocahontas would be the perfect Piscesean Disney princess. Not only is Pocahontas open-minded and able to make friends easily, but she her selfless nature is typically Pisces. which princess are you Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock MUST-READ: What Is Your Zodiac’s Super Power? Find Out NOW! MUST-READ: Written In The Stars: Which Movie Quote Sums Up YOUR Zodiac?
Published on Sep 8, 2015
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