14 Things You'll Get If Your Childhood BFF Is Still Your Bestie

14 Things You'll Get If Your Childhood BFF Is Still Your Bestie
Childhood best friends are the best kind of friends! They’ve known you for most of your life. They know exactly how you are and how you behave in different situations. They’ve seen you at your best and your worse and even your awkward phase. But they love you regardless of everything! Here are a few things you will get if you and your childhood bestie are still BFFs!

1. You know each other better than anyone else.

Like, seriously, anyone else in the world!

childhood best friend

2. They know every little secret of yours since you were old enough to have secrets.

And you know all of theirs!

3. You never need to tell them about what happened to you once…

They were right there!

childhood best friend

4. Their family is your family and your family is theirs!

You’re like their other daughter.

5. In fact, her mom and you are best gossip buddies!

She calls you for all sorts of information. :P

childhood best friend

6. You still trust each other like little children trust each other.

The best kind of trust! Pure and genuine.

7. You both have several pictures of each other's awkward phases.

Which you often blackmail each other with. But it's fine because both of you look equally awkward!

childhood best friend

8. They’ve known every single crush you’ve ever had.

And still tease you about that one guy you were crazy about in middle school.

9. You still think of that one super funny thing one of you did 7 years ago…

And laugh and laugh till your stomach hurts!

childhood best friend

10. They’re still your favourite person to have sleepovers with.

You sometimes really wish you could just be roomies for life! SO much fun.

11. You know exactly how to have fun and entertain each other…

Just by talking to each other for hours. About the same damn thing!

childhood best friend

12. It never really matters how far away you live from each other.

You keep them updated on everything and always pick up where you left off when you meet.

13. You’ve been through all of life’s most important moments together!

Graduation, first love, first job, they’ve been there through it all!

childhood best friend

14. You can’t imagine life without them being an active participant in it!

Because nothing would be half as fun if they weren’t there!

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