"We’re DONE!" 8 Things You Should Never Say In A Fight!

"We’re DONE!" 8 Things You Should Never Say In A Fight!
Relationships are tricky business. After all, we fight as much as we love - if not more! But sometimes we are so mad and upset at each other that we blurt out words and do things that we would never engage in during saner moments! Ladies, he is the man you love, and even if you are quite upset with him right now, you need to keep a check on that temper and fight in a sensible manner that results in resolution and not damage to your relationship. Let’s play by a few rules when we fight out our battles of love! Here are a few things you should never say (or do) when you’re fighting with your partner...

1. "It's over! I am breaking up with you." (And walk out the door)

Now, you know you don’t mean it, and probably so does he. But it still hurts no end to hear that your bond of love and trust can be "over" and you’d "break" it over a silly fight. And, ladies, walking out of the door is tantamount to walking out on him. Can you imagine how these words will make him feel? We know you don’t want that for him.

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2. "You're such an a**hole! (Or slap him!)

We know men can be difficult to communicate with at times - and it sure does irritate the hell out of us - BUT please, please let’s not swear. It’s simply demeaning. And insulting the person you love also means you’re insulting your own love for him. And, uhm, raising a hand...you know, getting physically abusive is just worse.

3. "You are always late, you've never been there for me!" (And start yelling!)

You know words like "always" and "never" may seem completely harmless in your everyday conversations - BUT when you use them at the top of your voice in a fight, they just take an accusatory tone that really hurts anyone they are aimed at and angers them even more.

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4. "You are just like your mom!" (And point your finger at him!)

Ooohh… You just insulted his mother AND him, in one single sentence! You might not get along with his family or friends - or may not like a few of of his habits too - but to drag his parents into an argument is NOT to the way to go about it. And you know what they say about pointing fingers right? You point one at someone, and three more point back at you.

5. "I am sick and tired of you and this relationship" (And cut him off mid-sentence to say this!)

Are you trying to tell him that you don’t want to hold on to things anymore? Because that’s what he’s hearing! Saying something like this may not just put an end to that fight but your relationship too. Remember that no relationship is perfect, it’s the people who work at making it perfect who are important.

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6. "Please don't start again..." (And start yawning!)

Yawning in the middle of a fight is a crime! What are you trying to suggest through this gesture - that you don’t care enough to fight it out? Let’s not take anyone for granted, shall we? Especially not the men we love!

7. "It's all your fault" ( Or throw stuff at him)

You just convicted him - or found a suitable punishment for him by hurling things? Ladies, it's no use playing the blame game - it makes you seem like someone who is completely unwilling to take any responsibility for whatever is actually wrong. And by throwing stuff around you don't just risk actually breaking things but also come across as completely uncontrolled.

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8. "You've changed, you were not like this" (And start crying!)

Chances are it’s the circumstances that have changed, and you blaming him for it is neither fair, nor wise. And all that you’ll get out of crying is a pair of swollen, puffy eyes and a half-finished argument that’s not been resolved.

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