friends dislike your boyfriend

14 Things You’ll Get If Your Friends Don’t Like Your Boyfriend!

Neha Gupta

Guest Contributor

Our friends often play Cupid in our love stories... But when the Cupids decide to frown down upon the love of our life - we know we’re in deeep trouble!! Because, the thing is, we do love them ALL. So it’s really, really challenging when our friends and boyfriend don’t get along - and here’s what happens… (BF, BFFs, can you all please read this and make our lives easier?!)

1. You can’t even occasionally rant about your relationship troubles to your friends

‘Coz they just go: “Told you so, what made you fall for him him anyway?!”

friends dislike your boyfriend.

2. And neither can you really talk about your dates and adventures with them

If he took you out for a 5-star dinner, they think he’s a show-off. If he took you camping for the weekend - he’s cheap. Nothing he does is good enough for them!

3. Your birthday means separate parties. One for your friends and the other for your BF.

But then again, he and they all try very hard to outdo each other with their gifts to prove their love! So you’re assured of some pretty awesome presents.

friends dislike your boyfriend

4. If he calls to make sure you’re safe on your girls’ night out...

Your friends won’t keep from rolling their eyes at you!

5. You always hear how you spend more time with the other…

When all you are really doing ALL the time is trying to inch in a little more time for everyone!

friends dislike your boyfriend.

6. If you so much as share a joke that your BF cracked with your friends…

You find you’re the only one who’s laughing. Come on, guys!! It was funny!!

7. If you are out with your BF, and bump into your friends…

You first have to do some explaining to them. And then more explaining to him about why you had to explain anything in the first place!

friends dislike your boyfriend.

8. If you ever leave them alone even for a while…

You fear they’ll they just make their thoughts about each other public knowledge. Uff!

9. You CAN’T understand why do they have to complain about each other, all the time

How can the people you love most hate each other SO much? Just… HOW?!

friends dislike your boyfriend.

10. Every time you try to sort things out between them…

You get accused by both the parties of just being partial to the other!

11. You can’t get your friends to help you plan that surprise for his birthday

‘Coz they’ll just say something like “What has he ever done for you?”

friends dislike your boyfriend.

12. You never get to do double dates...

Unless of course, it’s his friends who invite you over for one!

13. And your friends treat you like a single girl...

Trying to set you up with someone they like!! NOT funny, guys!

friends dislike your boyfriend.

14. Despite all this, you CANNOT let go of either…

And keep hoping you can soon get them to like each other and make your life easier!

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Published on Sep 18, 2015
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