Why Do We Fall In Love? 13 Totally Unexpected Reasons!

Why Do We Fall In Love? 13 Totally Unexpected Reasons!
You’d think after ALL these years we’d have love totally figured out! But love, my friends, somehow always manages to surprise us! We may think it’s about compatibility, attraction, hormones and emotions - but there is SO much more to why we fall in love with someone. In the games of the heart, the mind too plays a key role - and we bring you 13 weird psychological reasons you may fall in love with someone. And no, we’re not making this up - research says so!!

1. If someone is just like you!

Well, apparently opposites do attract, but not as much as people who are just alike do. And it makes total sense too, for who wouldn’t love someone who makes them go “me too” over little things and simply enjoys the same things. Plus when you two agree on almost everything, there really is no ground left for those silly fights!

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2. If someone looks like your father/ mother

Oedipal complex always seemed a little weird to us, but even modern day more research has proved that we sometimes fall for somebody who is our parents’ mirror image!... Guess our parents are our true love after all, since we keep looking for the one who’s like them. Weird, but true!

3. If someone smells great

So, there is some truth in what those deodorant ads claim, after all! We’re sensory beings who find it resisting a person with a great body odour harder, and what’s more is that it’s this body odour that we often find comfort in. Now that’s some motivation for taking a bath daily!

reasons we fall in love

4. If someone did NOT like you the first time

We all love a little chase in our love stories, don’t we? And it’s the love-hate drama along with the curiosity to know more, that eventually gets the better of people, and soon, they warm up to the person they didn’t like first. Happens all the time!

5. If someone stares into your eyes for 2 minutes

You know, 2 minutes is a really looong time when it comes to looking someone in the eye, but maybe this is when the whole “eyes are the windows to your soul” magic happens, and you irrevocably connect and fall for a person.

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6. If someone does something thrilling and exciting with you

Hmm… This one’s kinda obvious. If you’d risk your life with someone and come out alive - the near-death experience will make you want to stick with them, right? Plus you’d already know that this person will be by your side if life becomes a b**ch - and just who wouldn’t fall in love after this major revelation?

7. If someone asks you out for coffee

Here, it’s the coffee that sets your heart racing for the person who has asked you out for it. How, you ask? Well, coffee being a warm beverage, helps the person who’s asked you out to exude a warmer personality too, and you tend to open up and feel more comfortable with them. Who would have thought, right? #CaffeineAddictionExplained

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8. If someone lives close to you

Now we know HOW Ross finally won Rachel over nine years later - it was because he started living close to her! Living in close proximity day in and out with someone makes us accept them despite their many flaws, and love him for the person he is.

9. If someone lives in a beautiful house

We always knew ambience was the key! A beautiful place just gets us in the mood and the bed becomes too good to resist! Oh, no wonder then at all those women who fell for Charlie Sheen - didn't they all say how wonderful his beach house was??!!

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10. If someone owns a dog

People who keep pets often come across as being caring, happy and approachable - and well, aren't these ALL the qualities we women look for in our men? Guys, take note please!

11. If someone matches pace with you while walking

Now you know why those looong walks always helped! When a person slows down or paces up to walk beside you - your subconscious mind registers this gesture as a romantic sign that they’re interested in you, and you respond the same way.

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12. If someone wears the colour red

Red has always been a strong, sensual and bold colour that grabs attention - but that it actually exudes signals of desirability to attract potential mates is quite a revelation! Hmm… maybe that is why we subconsciously turn to hues of red when looking for our wedding lehengas.

13. If someone is young enough to, uhm, make babies

And here we thought the only reason we felt attracted to someone “younger” than us was because of youth and all its accompanied vitality! Who knew, all that time, we were just subconsciously seeking out partners who were more likely to be able to reproduce! Woah!

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