6 Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals - You Got This!

6 Simple Ways To Achieve Your Goals - You Got This!
Staying focused on one’s goals and achieving them doesn’t come easy. It does involve hard work, persistence and patience. Many times though, we set ourselves unrealistic targets, too many goals all at once or lose focus. Here are a few things that will help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

1. Narrow down and prioritize your list

Having too many goals at once makes it difficult to concentrate and/or to achieve even one to its full capacity. Rather than penning down a list of multiple goals, don’t set yourself a target of more than 3 goals at a time. Prioritize and focus on what is most important to you and then work towards achieving that.

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2. Keep a track of your progress

Whatever your goal maybe, you need to keep a track of your progress. That is what will keep you motivated. If your goal is fitness related, seeing that you are fitter and stronger from the day that you started will motivate you to push harder and reach your final target. If your goal is to attain a better score in your exams, test your knowledge and see how much more you have learnt today! Keeping a track of your progress and seeing yourself become better each day will make you want to work harder.

3. Have one buddy you share your goals and targets with!

You don’t need to tell the whole world what your goals are if you don’t want, but often having a buddy you share your goals with can help keep you motivated. Choose a person you trust. Anyone. Could be a member of your family or friends. Share your targets and progress with them. They can help you keep track and also remind you of your achievements when you feel demotivated!

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4. Know why you want to achieve this goal in the first place

Why do you want to achieve this goal, why is it important to you? These are questions you should think about before setting out to achieve your goals. The more clarity you have about this, the more hard work you will want to put in.

5. Be realistic about the timeline that you set

Like they say “Rome wasn't built in a day”. Nothing great can be achieved overnight and you will never live up to your own expectations if you try and do things in a rush. Especially things that matter! Set yourself a realistic timeline and don’t get worked up even if you get slightly delayed. You will achieve your goals eventually if you are persistent with your efforts.

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6. Give yourself credit where credit is due

There may be many setbacks and hardships in your journey and you may even feel let down a number of times. But appreciate and acknowledge all the hard work you have been putting in. Give yourself some credit and be proud of how far you have come!

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