7 Things Your Waxing Lady Wants You To Know - Listen Up!

7 Things Your Waxing Lady Wants You To Know - Listen Up!
When we arrive for those monthly waxing appointments at the salon, there isn’t much we can think of other than all the pain caused by our skin getting tugged at and remembering to breathe in between yanks. Well, a tiny bit of consideration for your waxer, who has to do this all day for a living, can go a long way. We give you a few things your waxing lady would like you to know. Keep these in mind for a much better experience no matter which part you’re getting waxed, yes, even that dreaded bikini area.

1. Exfoliate That Ingrowth Away

It’s important to exfoliate regularly to slough away dead skin, get rid of ingrown hair and prevent future ingrowths. Doing it regularly and on the morning of your appointment will help your hair come off more easily and leave you with that super smooth feeling post your waxing session. We tell you how to deal with ingrown hair and banish it to hell.

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2. Please Shower First

Showing up for your appointment straight from the gym or after running errands on a hot sticky day is a huge no-no. Not only will your hair not come off easily when you’re sweaty, it also makes your skin more susceptible to bacterial infection, plus it’s just plain rude. Having to touch someone all over while they’re all sweaty and smelly isn’t anybody’s idea of a great day at work. Be considerate for your skin and your waxing lady and shower before your appointment.

3. Put That Razor Down

Alternating between shaving and waxing messes with your hair growth cycle, leads to ingrowths, causes your hair to grow back faster even after you wax and makes it more difficult for all the hair to come off easily when you wax. Also, have you ever noticed that waxing is even more painful in areas that have recently been shaved? Be patient for your hair to grow in between waxing appointments and stay away from that razor!

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4. Cancel Your Appointment If You Get Your Period

With your hormones going crazy during your period, your skin becomes more sensitive and as a result your tolerance for pain decreases. It would be best to reschedule your waxing and threading appointments to another time in the month as pain is magnified just before and during your period. Ouch!

5. Wear Loose Clothes

Your skinny jeans aren’t the best sartorial choice when you’re getting your hair follicles pulled out of hiding. Friction and chafing caused by tight clothes and rough fabrics can lead to redness and rashes after your waxing session so opt for your comfiest pants.

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6. You Are The Master Of Your Own Fate When It Comes To Pain

No matter how slow or fast or gently she waxes you, there’s only so much she can do when it comes to the pain you feel during your session. The key is to wait the right amount of time in between appointments. Going in too early means the hair is too short and, hence stubborn; waiting too long is also never a good idea. Remember to stay calm and take deep breaths during your appointment and ask your general practitioner about popping a pain reliever first. 

7. Please Clean Up

Basic hygiene is very essential. It’s always a good idea to use a baby wipe down south before your bikini wax. Smelly feet, smelly armpits or smelly anything isn’t going to reflect very highly of you and makes your waxing attendant uneasy. Also, if you’re sick please reschedule. Getting your upper lip or eyebrows done when you have a runny nose isn’t very nice, is it?

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