You Can Now Try Out Jewellery On Your PHONE! (It’s Addictive!)

You Can Now Try Out Jewellery On Your PHONE! (It’s Addictive!)
We’re doing pretty much everything online now. From booking movies tickets, planning our holidays, banking online, even doing our groceries without having to step into a mucky market. And shopping for clothes and accessories? No place better to browse than in the comfort of your own home!

When it comes to buying jewellery online, though, we must admit we’ve had our reservations. Spending money on diamonds and gold, without actually trying it on just seems like we’re pushing it a little. Plus when our family jeweller offers such great service and “special, only for you” rates, that tends to be our preferred choice. But when we found out about, we had to backtrack and eat our own words!

carat lane app

An insane variety of designs, internationally certified and ethically sourced diamonds, and absolutely incredible deals - we’re seriously impressed! And to push the envelope further, they’ve just launched the world’s very first virtual try-on app! Trust us, we’ve tried the CaratLane Perfect Look app and it’s magical! Truly a game-changer!

The POPxo team just couldn’t resist playing around with the app and indulging in a little pre-Diwali shopping. So easy and fun, it’s like taking a selfie. It takes less than 10 seconds to record an image of your face and then you can check out 1000s of earrings and see exactly how they look on you. Keep trying until you find the perfect pair. This kind of shopping, we wholly approve of!

For The Love Of Festivities

Simar Rana, Senior Lifestyle Writer, is a true blue Punjabi girl. Preps for the festive season are already on in full swing at the Rana household and Simar’s been on the look out for the perfect pair of solitaires that she can wear to work and to her Diwali parties. One pet peeve - debating options with her mum!

carat lane app

“I’m amazed at how awesome this app is! I can pick and choose and try on what I like sitting right here in the office, without having my mum nag me! I’ve got to say; I’m a bit addicted now! Though I’m looking for a pair of simple studs, I’ve ended up trying on all sorts of earrings, just ‘cause it’s so easy and way too much fun!”

Obsessed With The App

Apurva Lama, Fashion Writer, just can’t get over how cool the app is! We caught her moving her head from left to right several times in the last week (when you download the app, you’ll know just what we mean!). Pssst...Back to work now!"

carat lane app

“Seriously, can you blame me?! This thing is addictive! What I absolutely adore is that I can try on earrings and view what it looks like on me in full 3D detail. The app gives a 180-degree view and lets me zoom in to see the most intricate details. Better than a mirror, I’d say!

The Compulsive Shopper

Avisha Chaudhary, is our Social Media Coordinator and a fashion blogger in her spare time. She’s a self-proclaimed compulsive shopper and needs to get her hands on all the latest trends. Statement earrings are her first love and most of her salary goes in buying them online. Since she likes variety, keeping a check on the budget is important.

carat lane app

“I absolutely love the CaratLane Perfect Look app as it lets me choose from different price ranges, giving me so many options at one place - all at the click of a button! And I love that I can share the pictures with my friends and family too. I make them feel like their opinion counts, but in reality, I know exactly what I’m going to buy with my next salary! A gift to me, from me!”

That Wedding Essential

Gopika E.M, Social Media Manager, and avid traveller is not easily impressed. She looks for quality over quantity and to get her seal of approval, it’s got to be really really good. Our resident fashionista is on the lookout for a pair of earrings to wear to a wedding next month.

carat lane app

“Wow! 3000 designs! That’s crazy! What I absolutely love about this app is that I get such a wide variety to choose from. Solitaires, statement earrings, traditional pieces, a truly fabulous range! The problem is, how do I select just one pair?”

For The Romantic

Dakshee Haryani, our lovely Social Media Coordinator, admits to being in a long-term relationship with her bed. A dreamer and hopeless romantic, this girl has got her head in the clouds! Talk to her about practical stuff like budgets, taxes and bank statements and she’ll look at you with a genuinely blank stare!

carat lane app

One thing she did get quite quickly though, was the concept of discounts! “While I’m quite clueless about all things money, two things that have been drummed into me are to look for great deals and to invest wisely. CaratLane takes care of both for me! Saves me a pretty penny while I ‘invest’ in a pair of earrings! Nailed it, didn’t I?!”

Photographed by Wonya Kazingmei

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