Smudged Kajal No More! 8 Tricks To ALWAYS Keep Your Kajal Perfect!

Smudged Kajal No More! 8 Tricks To ALWAYS Keep Your Kajal Perfect!
No matter what your makeup routine is if there’s only one product us girls can’t leave the house without using its kajal. It brings that certain something to our eyes, even on a no makeup day, kajal just makes us feel like we can take on the day better. You know I’m right! But, it sure does have a knack for smudging. Blame it on oily skin or a humid day.

Tips For Applying Kajal Smudge Free & Prevent From Spreading

We give you a few tips to keep your kajal from smudging and save you from embarrassing situations. (Imagine going for an interview or for a big date looking like you have yesterday’s eye makeup on?) Yup, you can thank us later.

1. Start Out Clean

Stop Your Kajal From Smudging
This one’s pretty obvious. Make sure to wash your face first and keep your under eye area clean before you pick up your kajal pencil. If your skin is prone to oiliness try this simple trick of running ice cubes around your eyes to prevent greasiness, plus it will help your eyes look brighter and more alert.

2. Are You Applying It Right?

Most of us start applying our kajal from the inner corners of our eyes working our way to the outer corners. You should actually do it the other way round – start from the outer corners and use short strokes as you make your way inwards.

3. Bring On The Shadow

Stop Your Kajal From Smudging

If you really want to intensify the long-lasting effects of your kajal, bring out your eyeshadow. Make sure your eyeshadow shade is as similar to your kajal as possible, dip a flat brush into it before applying it just below your inner lids. This will help keep the kajal in place and prevent it from running onto your under eye area.

4. Make A Switch

If you feel like your eyes are just too watery and your kajal always smudges, maybe it’s time to switch your usual kajal pencil for something else. A gel liner with a brush is great for applying with super precision and for some intense black that will totally smudge proof. We like L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza (Rs.700).

5. You Could Cut Corners

Stop Your Kajal From Smudging

If your eyes are watery, it’s smart to skip the kajal all together on the inner corners or apply it very lightly there. Go darker on the center as it can build up in the corners, which is one of the biggest reasons for smudging.

6. Your Nose Ain’t The Only Thing To Powder

Take an extra precautionary step of dabbing a bit of setting powder around your eyes and especially near the corners. This will help keep oiliness at bay and keep your kajal in place even on a hot, sweaty day in the sun.

7. Always Be Prepared

Stop Your Kajal From Smudging

If you know you’re prone to getting your kajal smudged often, be smart and carry face wipes or even cotton swabs with you in your purse at all times. Use them to fix your makeup crisis in a jiffy and to blot away and greasiness and sweat. Also, remember to stop touching your eyes to prevent smudging.

8. Are You Using The Right Kajal?

If you feel like your kajal smudges too often then maybe the problem lies in the kajal pencil and not you or your watery eyes or oily skin. Invest in a good quality one that is long lasting and smudge proof. We love Lakme Eyeconic Kajal (Rs.170) and Maybelline Colossal Kajal (Rs.199) is an all-time favourite amongst loads of women.

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