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Addicted To Dessert? 6 Top Tips To Beat That Sweet Tooth NOW!

Addicted To Dessert? 6 Top Tips To Beat That Sweet Tooth NOW!

Anyone with a sweet tooth would be frantically searching for tips to cut down sugar in their diet. Avoiding sugar is one of the hardest things for anyone! And it is also something most of us get addicted to very easily. If you’ve been having trouble letting go of sugar, we have some tips to get you started and help you understand how to avoid sugar in your diet!

1. Clear Your Pantry Or Fridge Of Sugary Foods

First tip to cut down sugar is to get rid of all that sugar sitting around your home! If you want to avoid sugar, throw all that sugar stacked in your fridge. Yes, we’re talking about the ice-cream in the freezer, those sugary cold drinks stalked up in your fridge, that chocolate spread and all those biscuit and cookie jars! Out of sight is out of mind! avoid sugar

2. Cut Out Refined Sugar

Apart from hiding all that dessert out of your reach, you need to avoid sugar that you add to your tea or coffee everyday! If you want to understand how to avoid sugar, try organic honey, eucalyptus honey or demerara sugar for a change - the most fool-proof tips to cut down sugar healthier options which taste just as good, if not better!

3. Stock Up On The Kinds Of Sugar You CAN Eat!

To avoid sugar, you can always substitute processed sugar for the natural kind. Fruits are your best if you want to know how to avoid sugar. They contain fructose which is a natural form of sugar and they’re healthier and easier for your body to break down.avoid sugar

4. Eat At Regular Interval

Waiting for longer than your body can handle between meals or reaching a point of starvation before eating will lead to stronger sugar cravings! One of the best tips to cut down sugar and avoid binging on sweets is to keep a small healthy snack with you in your bag and try eating at regular intervals to avoid a sugar craving!

5. Walk It Out!

Feel like eating that piece of cake you know is lying somewhere in the house? Take a little walk around your house or colony park or wherever you like! This would prove to be an awesome tip to cut down sugar. The exercise will take your mind off that sugar craving and you can successfully avoid sugar. avoid sugar

6. Go Cold Turkey

Now that your body is used to a reduced amount of sugar, try giving it up altogether and avoid sugar for a week. While it is easy for some people to eat sugar in moderation without having to give it up completely, it is quite a difficult task for most people! If you can’t stop at one spoon, then we suggest you go off it completely for the first week. If you are skeptic about how to avoid sugar by completely stopping it, try doing it for a week. By the end of the week, you will be surprised at how your body stops craving sweets as much as it used to earlier.

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