“Oh, NO! Did We Just Break Up?!?!?!”

“Oh, NO! Did We Just Break Up?!?!?!”
So you guys had a fight. And both of you said some pretty awful things to each other. And BOOM! You're suddenly not talking. And it's a bit confusing - you know things will probably be okay soon enough. But it DOES feel a bit like it might be - gasp! - over. It's quite natural for your thoughts to go haywire! Been there, ladies, and we FEEL you!

1. OMG did we seriously just break up?

temporary break up

2. Surely he will call soon enough...

3. This can’t be for real!

4. I know he will call eventually. Obviously…

5. Should I just call him?

temporary break up 5

6. NO he should call me. It was his fault after all.

7. But I was the one who said we should break-up…

8. So does that mean I need to fix things now?

9. Anyway whatever, I know he will call! Right?

10. Not going to think about that anymore. Calling one of my girlfriends to vent. *vents on phone*

temporary break up 10

11. Maybe I should go out with my friends to keep myself distracted.

12. Hmm this really isn’t helping. Why isn’t he just calling me already? Doesn’t he want to sort this out?

13. I’m so mad at him. He just isn’t trying.

14. I miss him. It's been two whole days since we spoke.

15. I bet he misses me too.

temporary break up 15

16. Let me stalk him and see what he’s been upto.

17. Whaaaat? He’s out partying with his friends while I’m miserable. Wow!

18. Oh his best friend’s birthday? Fine!

19. Day 3 is almost over. If he doesn’t call today it is over for good.

20. But I don’t want to actually break-up for good!

temporary break up 20

21. *phone rings* OMG OMG is it him?

22. Nevermind, just my mom.

23. I need some ice-cream to cheer up.

24. I hate fighting with him.

25. What if he never calls!?

temporary break up 25

26. Okay that's it I’m calling him. But I’m still mad!

27. *phone rings again* Ahh... what’s the point? Probably my mom again. Or my dad.

28. OMG It is him!!!!!!!!!!!!

29. I knew he would call.

30. Yay, no more break up! :D

temporary break up 30

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