#MyBae: 13 Reasons I Absolutely ADORE My Boyfriend!

#MyBae: 13 Reasons I Absolutely ADORE My Boyfriend!
I have a boyfriend, and he's nice and makes my life a better, happier place. And this is something I forget to tell him too often. But let it not be said that I'm taking him (too much) for granted. Dear X, this one's for you.

1. Because he can make me smile. Always.

Even when he says the most daft things. It’s just SO goofy that I can’t help but melt a bit.

love my boyfriend 2


2. Because the first time his mum saw us hugging and I pulled away in embarrassment…

He pulled me right back, and fit me snugly under his arm.

3. Because he told me once that talking to me was more interesting than watching The Avengers

Which is basically his favouritest movie ever.

love my boyfriend 9


4. Because even though he claims he’s not much of a cuddler...

He sleeps best while cuddling with me (by his own admission)!

5. Because no matter what the situation is and how upset I may be feeling, he’s there to cheer me up.

Whether it’s with words, a long, tight hug or just some dessert!

love my boyfriend 1


6. Because he gave me his favourite pillow…

‘Coz he believed me when I told him I liked it more than I liked him. :-P

7. Because he can tell from my face whether I need a drink or just to be cuddled and fed cheap Chinese for comfort

How can I not adore a man I don’t have to explain things to?!

love my boyfriend 7

8. Because when we’re watching a scary movie together and I scratch the hell out of his arm...

He still manages to smile at me and tell me it’s okay. Gotta love him for the pain he endures!

9. Because although he makes silly faces when I call him by a pet name given by me...

He gets weirded out when I call him by his name, and not that. :-P

love my boyfriend 8

10. Because he can tell from my voice on the phone whether I’m smiling or not…

And when I’m not, he sends me silly selfies to make me. :-)

11. Because, the sex.

Well. DUH.

love my boyfriend 3


12. Because he has, more than once, brought me food in the middle of the night just ‘coz I was feeling like a snack.

He GETS me. Like no one else in the world.

13. Because he just loves me SO!

That’s why I’m with him, you know… <3 <3 <3

love my boyfriend 4

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