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10 Things That Happen When ALL Your Besties Have Boyfriends

10 Things That Happen When ALL Your Besties Have Boyfriends
While you may be really happy that your friends have found their matches, there is no denying that it is still tricky to be the ONLY single one standing in the squad. It takes patience and tolerance to stay sane and single when surrounded by mushy couples. Here are 10 things that happen when all your besties are in a serious relationship:

1. Third wheel? Pfft… Try Fifth Wheel!

Yup! Third wheel seems like a fair option because now you’re going to be the fifth…or even the seventh wheel! #TrueStory

being the only single friend

2. You have to annouce days in advance that you wanna meet up!

Whenever you make plans to meet and just hang out with them, you make sure you announce “NO BOYS ALLOWED”. Over and over again.

3. No more Ladies’ Nights.

Even at a girls’ night out, you find your girlfriends constantly talking about their relationships. WHY?!

being the only single friend

4. Your friends are suddenly very enthusiastic about finding YOU a boyfriend.

When your friends are done talking about their boyfriends, they seem heavily invested in your single life and what they can do to change that.

5. People are constantly asking you if you’re okay with hanging out with couples...

… At which point you might even have to defend your single status!

being the only single friend

6. The movie that you could not wait to watch? Well, they’ve already watched it.

So you go alone… Which only takes your friends’ find-you-a-boyfriend mission to another level.

7. When all of you go out together for dinner, the waiter will be waiting on your date to arrive.

“No, it’s just me. And them.”

being the only single friend

8. “No, I haven’t considered joining Tinder!”

This becomes a phrase that you say to your besties pretty often.

9. You also make a lot of new friends...

Hanging out with your besties and their significant others, you meet and make tons of new friends. Well, something at least!

being the only single friend

 10. With so much mushiness around you, you start to wonder if something’s really wrong with being single.

Let’s be honest, you do. BUT then you realize you’re awesome and you don’t need someone in your life right away. Until the right one comes along, you’re okay crashing the couples’ parade! YOLO!

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