#Dipsite: 22 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Went To DPS!

#Dipsite: 22 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get If You Went To DPS!
Being a DIPSITE is a way of life! If you went to DPS, you know you will totally agree! Being in DPS has shaped your personality just as much as your career. PLUS it gave you the opportunity to meet people who have left a huge impact on your life! Here are some things you will definitely relate to if you went to DPS...

1. Joining the choir was just another way to bunk classes without worrying about getting caught.

2. The canteen sold only Fun Flips and Frooti, but it was still the coolest place to hang out during break and chhutti time.

3. You found unique new ways to hide your cell phone during an impromptu check.

studied in dps

4. And if you still got caught and the teacher asked for your almanac to write a note? Uh, wait, you knew what that was!

5. Attending an assembly was like suddenly being dumped into Kumbh ka mela. Who are all these peopleeee? Where did they come from?!

6. Mondays were confusing - you got to see all your friends after 2 days but, "Aye hayeeee, aaj toh Monday test hai yaar!"

studied in dps 6

7. You have totally moved around tables in your class just so you wouldn't be in the first seat when you had to sit roll number wise.

8. You've mastered your parents’ signature for all the fake notes you wrote that said you had a sprain and had to wear floaters to school.

9. And you're forever thankful to Monte Carlo for those awesome sauce baggy sweaters that you could get away with in school - most of the time!

studied in dps 9

10. You've heard of the big rivalry with Modern School, but of course you still have some friends who go there!

11. But even then, if there was a debate about which school is better, you would totally win.

12. Football matches were just another day to show school spirit even if you didn't know what was going on. (Hey, you got out of class for it!)

studied in dps 12

13. Your school had tons of cute boys - you just always seemed to miss them by a minute. And they were almost always two years older and so-not-interested in you.

14. The school bus (more specifically the last 3 rows) is where the real ragging happened.

15. You planned for your farewell and “conti” way more than you did for your boards.

studied in dps 15

16. You just had to own a school sweatshirt - even if they were banned in school by the faculty!

17. Your school had an official couples’ corner labelled "Lovers Point". You got over that by the time you actually reached high school, though.

18. You know the names of at least 6 rivers in India, if only because that's what the houses were called. You might have been in Jhelum, but you couldn't point it on a map if you tried!

studied in dps 18

19. Of course you wanted to be part of the Teachers’ Day skit! You got to wear casuals to school while everybody else was in uniform!

20. You remember the name of your class teacher in nursery, but you're still blown away by the fact that she remembers yours!

21. You try to visit your school occasionally, even if it's just to run away from the teachers who would (even today!) love to smack you with a notebook!

studied in dps 21

22. But at least they can't hold the threat of a yellow card over your head anymore, thank God! :D

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