10 Things Every Northeastern Girl In Delhi Will Totally Get!

10 Things Every Northeastern Girl In Delhi Will Totally Get!
So you’ve left your cosy home surrounded by breathtaking scenic hills and moved to the big city to pursue your education and your dreams. You’ve made yourself a cute little home in your rented apartment, your friends have become your family and you’ve finally learnt some crazy Punjabi dance moves... Here are 10 things you will totally relate to if you’re a Northeastern girl living in Delhi!

1. You have to seek nature instead of finding it right outside your window.

Unlike your hometown, all you see outside the window of your rented apartment is another building. You are never to know true silence again.

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2. Your Hindi is a combination of your native language and Hindi.

Conversations with shopkeepers and landlords become hilarious. It takes you fifteen minutes to tell your landlord his pet is pooping all over the building.

3. You struggle with Hindi numbers

You space out for a good minute if the shopkeeper says your sum total is “Ek sau pachattar”. And God forbid anyone hears you bargaining with autowallas in your broken Hindi, confidently saying “Kyun?? Pacchis nahin, pachaas doongi!” It's all a bit confusing.

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4. You finally discover what a real parantha looks and tastes like!

And you wonder what version of parantha you were eating your whole life. You just cannot get enough of them.

5. Whenever you see another person from the Northeast, you always guess which state he or she is from.

Bumping into a fellow Northeasterner brings you so much happiness, and that is nothing compared to the happiness of being able to say which state they’re from! “I KNEW YOU WERE FROM THERE! BINGO! Oh, hi.

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6. You have a nickname because no one can pronounce your real name!

Your professors and friends in Delhi will always give you a cute nickname because they cannot pronounce your real name to save their lives.

7. Finding someone who has the same taste in music as you is... sheer joy!

Unlike your hometown, where music is BIG deal, you’re surprised to find people here don’t care as much! But when you finally do meet that rare person with the same taste in music... A spontaneous jam session just goes without saying!

northeast girl

8. You have had people ask you the strangest things!

You can make a long list of the weirdest things people have asked you and it doesn’t even surprise you anymore. “No, I don’t know Mary Kom personally. Thank you.”

9. Whenever you miss the food back home, there’s always a saviour round the corner.

One of the reasons why you love Delhi is because restaurants and cafes with your native cuisine is sprawled all over the city. From Nagaland Kitchen to Mizo Diners... You are never hungry for a good home cooked meal.

Northeast girl

10. You are proud of your cultural heritage and you jump at every chance you get to keep that intact!

Nothing gives you more happiness than being able to wear your traditional outfits and jewellery - and have people tell you that it's absolutely stunning!

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