11 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Libran Girl!

11 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re A Libran Girl!
To the girl who is ruled by the planet of grace and charm and represents the scales of justice and balance - here are 11 things you will totally get about being a Libran...

1. You Have Many, Many Friends

You love meeting new people and quickly make friends with everyone. So often you are friends with your sister’s friends and your friend’s friends and can’t help but feel a little smug of your social super powers!

libran girl

2. And Everyone Loves You Back ‘Coz You’re Straightforward

If anyone ever wants a true opinion, they often dial you up. You don’t shy away from telling people the truth as it is to their faces, and they too know you’ll NEVER go behind their back with their secrets.

libran girl 2

3. You Are The Master Of Diplomacy

You just know what to say, when to say it and in which situation to say it best.

libran girl  3

4. You love To Dress Up!

For life’s too short to not look your best, right?

libran girl 4

5. And You Hold Strong Opinions As Well

Beauty with brains - now that’s a compliment you’ve heard and gracefully accepted all too often. Nothing turns you on like a stimulating, intellectual conversation.

libran girl 5

6. When It Comes To Love, You’re An Old-School Romantic!

You aren’t into grand gestures, for you love small, meaningful acts. Nothing wins you over like chivalry and a gentleman’s charm.

libran girl 6

7. You’re Slightly Indecisive

Only because with you, it’s not a matter of  this or that, but both and everything. You just want the best of both worlds, and can’t pick one.

libran girl 7

8. But You’re Always Honest

You are not only a naturally honest person yourself, but you really appreciate and respect honesty in others too.

libran girl 8

9. You Are A Little Freakish About Things Being In Order

You just like things in their place - makes life so much easier, no?

libran girl 9

10. But You’re A Happy-Go-Lucky Woman

You live life in the little moments that so many of us skip and miss. You are a people’s person, who doesn’t take life too seriously. Plus, you are a sucker for peace and start at it by keeping yourself and others around you peaceful and happy.

libran girl 10

11. You Stick To Your Morals And Maintain A Balance

You have a set of beliefs that keep you positive in life. You simply know how to balance everything out - and that’s why you live such a fulfilling life too. You rock, girl. Have a great birth month :)

libran girl 11

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