27 Things We Should ALL Stop Doing By The Time We’re 27!

27 Things We Should ALL Stop Doing By The Time We’re 27!
Let’s face it, we’re growing older, and there’s no way to stop it. We’re not saying you have to have your life all figured out (don’t worry, most people in their twenties are lying if they say they do), nor are we saying to stop having fun (definitely not!). But there are certain things we should leave behind. We give you some things every grown up person should stop doing by the time they are 27 in order to properly attain adulthood. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think!

1. Obsessing About Your Ex(es)

Give up on the guy that 20-year-old-you was in love with! You have better things and people to concentrate on, they are more worth your while.

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2. Binge Drinking Often

Who doesn’t love a crazy night every now and then? But partying and drinking like you did in college just makes you seem like a borderline alcoholic. Plus, we all know that after 25 our bodies do take longer to recover. We’ve all learnt the hard way that hangovers DO exist!

3. Pointless Gossiping

Okay, a good gossip sesh with our besties is one of our fave things too, but gossiping about the same person every time is a bit mean. Don’t you agree? We are striving to be nice, mature women after all.

4. Being Surprised When People Get Married

Yes, we are at an age when plenty of people are tying the knot and bringing stability to their lives. It’s all that our Facebook timelines are about nowadays. Don’t be surprised if that quiet girl from 8th grade who was too shy to talk to boys has gotten engaged way before you. It really doesn't say anything about your life.

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5. Eating McDonald Thrice A Week

Of course we need our junk food fix, but it has no nutritional value. We should be a bit more clued in about being healthy for our bodies' sake by now. Plus, do we need to remind you how your metabolism decreases with age? Keep that in mind, or it's hello unfit-town!

6. Living Like A Student

Four or five roommates in a two-bedroom flat was normal and even fun when you were in college, and even after graduation when you moved to a big city to follow your dreams. But now it just feels so tiresome and you really do need more space.

7. Neglecting Your Parents

We’re all guilty of doing this during our teens, but those rebellious years are long gone. By now your parents should be your confidantes and your best friends. No one has your back quite like mummy and papa do. It’s true!

8. Sharing Everything On Social Media

No one wants to know what you wore, what you ate and where you went every single day. And those passive-aggressive fighting g-with-friends posts were fine when we were 19, but it's just way too much drama to handle now.

things you should not do

9. Not Wearing Sunscreen

One word – WRINKLES. They will get to you!

10. Staying In Toxic Relationships

Relationships or friendships – you don’t have to be in them if they don’t make you feel good.

11. Blindly Following Trends

Just because everyone else is following a fad doesn’t mean you have to, unless you like the trend of course. But if it doesn’t fit in with your personal style or comfort level, then you really don’t have to.

12. Living In The Past

Still pining over that dream job you didn’t get or regretting breaking up with that nice guy when you were 18 - obsessing over these things aren’t going to help you get anywhere in the present.

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13. Not Having Any Savings

We don’t mean a huge amount, but a little bit is a start and means you’re on the right road for a secure future. How else will you be an independent woman who can take care of herself? Hasn’t Beyonce taught you anything?!

14. Worrying About Other People's Expectations

It really doesn’t matter what that nosy downstairs aunty or your mum's friends sister think of you and what you do in life. The only people you have to worry about are the ones you love and care about. What everyone else things makes no difference to your life. Seriously.

15. Dating Just About Anybody

Keep your standards high, and hold out for what really makes you happy. Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t worth it.

16. Being An Impulse Shopper All The Time

Yes, of course, who doesn’t want to splurge once in a while? And that’s fine. But you don’t need to have to do it every few weeks on clothes you’re hardly going to wear. Be smart and save your money where you can.

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17. Performing “Okay” At Your Job

We all start waiting for the weekend the second our Monday morning alarm goes off, but that shouldn’t affect your job performance. Don’t just wait for your lunch break and try to cut corners. Put it in your all even if your job doesn’t excite you and focus on being amazing. It’ll really help you feel better about yourself.

18. Assuming You’re Always Right

Don’t be stubborn and accept it when you’re wrong. Nobody is right every single time, including you.

19. Comparing Your Life To Others

Everybody looks like they’re living a better, more fabulous life from their Facebook and Instagram posts. No one posts the sad stuff. Stop thinking that you’re the only one whose life isn’t all about vacations, awesome jobs and all-round fun!

20. Not Caring About Household Duties

Just because you work, live with your mom or have a maid doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning. It’s good to care about the state of your home and learning to make at least a couple recipes so you know you can manage on your own if you had to.

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21. Taking Life Too Seriously

Just because you’re not 21 anymore doesn’t mean that your life is over and you don’t deserve any fun. It’s ok to let loose sometimes, laugh at yourself and relax.

22. Settling

It could be staying in a job you know you’re too good for, or sticking at a relationship just because you’re too afraid to be single at this age. It’s not too late to alter your career or end a relationship to find something better. You deserve it!

23. Not Working Out At All

It’s not just about “weight” - some form of exercise, even if it’s a walk with your bestie in the park at least 3 times a week, is an absolute must. Trust us, your body will thank you for keeping it fit when you’re much older.

24. Sleeping All Weekend

Okay, we’re all guilty of this, but your free time should be spent doing other things that make you happy. Exploring new things, trying new hobbies, meeting people – you know, living life to the fullest and all of that.

things you should not do

25. Dreaming Too Big Or Not Big Enough

Setting unrealistic goals is only setting yourself up for disappointment. Like being CEO or making it huge in the music industry - if you’re not already working towards those things. On the other hand, not aiming high enough is not doing yourself enough justice. Don’t underestimate your ability to succeed.

26. Ignoring Your Health

Whether it’s visiting the dentist or booking an appointment with your gynae, don’t ignore any signs that are giving you trouble. You’re old enough to not take your body for granted.

27. Worrying That You Don’t Have It All Figured Out

You don’t have to! You’re growing in your career, you’re settling down in life - or are thinking about it - and you’re having fun. That’s all that matters.

things you should not do

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