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New Wardrobe? For Free?? 12 Things To Steal From Mom’s Closet!

New Wardrobe? For Free?? 12 Things To Steal From Mom’s Closet!
Ever thought of hunting for stuff to wear in your mom’s closet? You have no idea what a treasure trove that is! It’s like having two wardrobes at once. So convenient, and that too for FREE! Go looking for these items and also bond over memories from the times when she wore them.

1. Stunning Sarees

Her collection of exquisite six yards are almost the best thing you can borrow from her. They are simply irreplaceable, all those years of gorgeous finds have to be worn and shown to the world!. While everyone is trying to catch up with the latest trends, go fetch a soft silk Kanjeevaram and sway everyone.
From your Mom's Closet

2. Warm Shawls

Yes, we know vanity takes over when it comes to us flaunting our curves in that tiny cropped top or that lehenga at weddings. But in the middle of the chilly night, all you can think of is being wrapped in one of these soft shawls. Take your pick: an embellished sequin one? A Kashmiri embroidered one? Or a plain black one? She’ll have it all. From your Mom's Closet

3. Swanky Bags

Until the day you can get one of your own, there is absolutely no harm in sashaying mom’s lush tote for those special occasions. Why wait when you can have your debutante moment right now! Also, You are not the only one, we all do it!! From your Mom's Closet

4. Oversized Overcoat

With the comeback of the 70’s, where non-structured, non fitted garments were the rage, finding use for that long coat she used to once wear is a cool idea. Carry it off with some wayfarers and don’t forget the swag! From your Mom's Closet

5. Cosy Cardigans

The classic buttons-down-the-front sweaters which would pair perfectly with sarees and salwar suits have huge potential in your fashion experiments. Go for a decorative cardigan or even a solid colour. Pair it will a skirt or a dress and tie with a belt to look like the ultimate cutie!
From your Mom's Closet

6. Expensive Cosmetics

With makeup prices becoming more and more exorbitant, we suggest you look at sharing as a totally valid option. Makes life so simple. You’ll find lipstick shades you thought didn’t even exist anymore! From your Mom's Closet

7. Mommy Jeans

If your mum loves her denims and she is around the same size as you, then you are super lucky girl! Her pair of high waisted jeans are all the rage now. Even bell-botts have made a comeback. Hence proved that fashion repeats itself! From your Mom's Closet

8. Printed Scrunchies

You heard us, we are talking about those extra large fabric covered rubber bands. Somewhere in some obscure corner you are surely going to find them. Get them out and style your hair in a messy bun or plaits, you can totally rock that vintage hairstyle.Tip: Take some tutorials from her. From your Mom's Closet

9. Precious Jewels

Since your childhood you’ve seen her wear those fine jewellery pieces and aspired to wear them some day! Now that we have all transformed into young ladies, it is finally time to exhibit those fragile wonders. Classic gold jhumkas, diamond studded rings and strings of pearls. Sigh! From your Mom's Closet

10. Silk Scarves

There are multiple ways in which that silk scarf can take your style quotient skyrocketing! Printed ones for your workspace, embellished ones for the soirees, woven ones for a cold evening. She’s got you covered.
From your Mom's Closet

11. Elegant Watches

How can we not mention this? Raid her drawers to find some classic, evergreen watches. These are timeless and will only add more charm and sophistication to your personality. From your Mom's Closet

12. Old-Fashioned Eye Wear

Be it an aged rusty pair of John Lennon glasses from her college days or those easy classic Ray-Ban glares, take what you can get ‘coz we all know old-school sunnies are cool! From your Mom's Closet You have, for years, seen your mother carry off her style with finesse and now it’s your turn to take the legacy forward. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: #WOW: 6 Tricks To Steal From Our Fav Celeb’s Stylists! MUST-READ: Steal HIS Style! 9 Menswear Items to Rock Your Daily Style