#MyGirl: 10 Things You Can ONLY Do With Your BFF!!

#MyGirl: 10 Things You Can ONLY Do With Your BFF!!
Yes, we girls are known to have tons of girl friends. And yes, we're always famous for doing some very odd things with them. But there are certain things you can ONLY do with your besties and no one else - we're sure you'll agree once you see the list of things we've compiled!

1. Tell her what you (or your boy!) have named your boobs.

And only your bestie is allowed to refer to them by their names - Rachel and Phoebe - because, let's face it, they had the most fun.

2. Stalk your latest secret crush.

He might be totally unattainable and might not even know you exist, but that won't stop your bestie from calling dibs on being your maid of honour, the desi version.

3. Plan your dream wedding.

Who else is going to believe in your plan of getting a Harry Winston engagement ring, a destination wedding in Italy and a honeymoon in Bora Bora, and encourage you wholeheartedly to make it all happen?

4. Take the real #NoMakeup selfies with.

The ones that would never, ever, EVER in a million years find their way to the Internet.

things to do with best friends

5. Try on those really extreme push-up bras with.

Hey, you're cool with your body and everything, but sometimes you just want to know what you would have looked like if you were a D cup. Or a DD. (Shhh!)

6. Watch REALLY random YouTube tutorials with.

Star Wars Princess Leia hair do? Try it on me! Halloween witch makeup? I'll try it on you! Excercises to make our butts bigger? Let's try them together!

things to do with best friends

7. Be gym buddies with.

Come on, you know it's true. You can only trust your bestie and 5 complete strangers to actually know how shit your stamina is and how you look at your sweaty and breathless worst .

8. Go the salon with.

No, we don't mean to get your hair done. We mean those times when you have to deal with the actual issues, like getting your upper lip threaded.

things to do with best friends

9. Talk about REAL stuff.

Friendship is more than just putting up a hot selfie and planning your next road trip. Best friends will see you at your worst and not even blink. They stand by you through thick and thin, which is why you can tell each other EVERYTHING. That's what we call the real #NoFilter girls.

10. Tag each other in all the #BFF posts on POPxo!

Even if you do it while sitting next to each other. Because who else is gonna get them?!

things to do with best friends

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