13 Things You’ll Get If Your Default Expression Is “Grumpy”!

13 Things You’ll Get If Your Default Expression Is “Grumpy”!
There are some people who can look happy even when they’re feeling super-low, and then there are others who can’t help BUT look grumpy, even if they’re on top of the world! If your mad face is the same as your happy face, which is the same as your grumpy face - here are 13 things you’ll totally get. This is what happens when people always think you look grumpy, even though you’re not...

1. You can’t go a day without someone saying, “What’s wrong, you look pissed”?

Till you actually get pissed AND bothered with this question!

grumpy face

2. You are tired of explaining how you aren't really mad or upset, it's just your face!

And then people can’t keep from making faces at you.

3. Even when you’re being nice or polite, people just take it the wrong way...

Oh! But I mean what I’m saying! (Oh god, face, why are you negating it?! Argh!)

grumpy face 3

4. So many people have told you how they didn’t think you were friendly at first!

Well, thanks, guys, for telling me my first impression is great. NOT.

5. You have to get EXTRA angry to show you are angry!

And when other people get angry, they look like the way you normally do.  :/

grumpy 5

6. People keep asking you to smile more

And every time you look back at your own pictures on social media, you totally agree with them.

7. People always assume you’re judging them

When they are the ones actually judging you for thinking you’re judging them! Who’s too quick to judge now, eh?

grumpy face 7

8. If you make an effort at being peppy...

By deciding to smile for two minutes at a stretch - your jaw starts feeling unnaturally stretched into an extremely uncomfortable position.

9. You make a joke, and people take it seriously...

Or, even worse, take offense. Uff, people, chill! It’s just some friendly sarcasm!

grumpy face 9

10. And if you laugh at their joke, they look surprised!

Like my mouth can only do a downward stretch. Come on’ guys, I DO smile.

11. All your expressions basically look the same

And you know who your true friends are IF they can actually look at you and figure out when you’re upset or excited.

grumpy face

12. You have SO much trouble flirting

Because, yes, even that cute guy thinks you’re unapproachable and SO not interested. Oh cutie, that’s my love face! *Sigh*

13. But, well, it at least it wards off the really mean people...

‘Coz you sure look like you can give people hell even in the toughest fight - even if you’re actually the most gentle creature ever!

grumpy face 13

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