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10 Things Every Girl Wants Fawad Khan To Know

10 Things Every Girl Wants Fawad Khan To Know
Dear Fawad Khan,

I may be slightly in love with you. Actually, I am definitely in love with you. And it is criminal neglect on your part to appear to me only in Khoobsurat and on Zindagi. Can you please hurry up and make more movies already? Because even if I can’t have you, I do want more of you…


Every Girl

1. The day I discovered that you’re not only married but have kids too…


2. Why did you shave off your beard that time?

I felt so betrayed! I had to wait FIVE days for new sexy-stubble pictures of you. I like men with a beard...keep it!!

crush on fawad khan

3. One look at you can make my day so much better.

Even if it's on my computer screen.

4. You're the reason I started watching television with my mom again

I actually made excuses to leave work and get home in time to stare at you on screen and sigh...

crush on fawad khan

5. Sometimes I worry that YOU might be the reason that my mum and I might have a falling out...

Thank goodness you’re only on TV. I would not want to physically fight my mother for you if you actually showed up at our house.

6. You definitely look so fanciable in formal attire. Can we see more of that?

Not for you, that silly jeans and T-shirt look. I will take you in a jacket any day.

crush on fawad khan

7. I dream about your voice.

Sometimes I wake up hearing you say my name. It is much nicer than my alarm clock.

8. I may or may not have a real-life boyfriend…

But for you I will always be single.crush on fawad khan

9. And those future husband goals...

The benchmark is set now. Sigh! Will someone be able to meet that?

10. You're gorgeous.

If in an alternate universe I could actually be with you, I wouldn't - because you would always be the prettier one.

crush on fawad khan

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