Long Distance Love! 16 Things Only You And Your Boyfriend Do

Long Distance Love! 16 Things Only You And Your Boyfriend Do

It’s difficult managing a relationship with someone geographically far, far away. Sharing that love across cities and even continents and time zones forces you to get a bit creative when it comes to being part of each other’s lives. We give you some things only couples in an LDR do to stay connected. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but these things sure do help too!

1. Sending Each Other Good Morning And Goodnight Texts - Every Day!

Your day/ night just isn’t complete without it.

2. Marathon Skype/ FaceTime Sessions

It’s the closest thing you have to being face to face with each other.

3. Sending Each Other Handwritten Letters

It’s perfect for some good old-fashioned romance and is worth a hundred WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts. You can actually save them to be cherished later. long distance relationship

4. Watching Your Fave Shows/ Movies Together

Of course, this means him watching it at his home and you at yours, but you hit play together and text each other during so it feels like you’re watching it together!

5. Eating A Meal Together

This is like watching a movie “together”, where you both eat your lunch/ dinner in front of each other via webcam and talk.

6. Make Surprise Visits To Each Other

When you can’t believe that he/ she is actually in front of you and you had no idea that they were planning this for so long. It’s the BEST feeling ever. long distance relationship

7. Talking Dirty With Each Other

You definitely learn to be a bit more expressive than you were before, even outside of bed. How else are you supposed to keep the excitement alive?!

8. Writing Long, Random Emails To Each Other

Sometimes, a text just isn’t enough!

9. Wearing His Shirt When You Miss Him

It still smells of him. Yes, we get how creepy that sounds but it does help us feel closer to him.

long distance relationship

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10. Taking Screenshots Of Nice Texts

When you send each other something sweet and it makes your day!

11. Sending Each Other Music

Songs that you know the other will like or that remind you of each other.

12. Making Sappy Collages

Of all your happy pictures you have together every time you miss him/ her. long distance relationship

13. Setting The World Clock On Your Phone

Of course, you don’t actually refer to it to see what time it is for him/ her. You’re so used to calculate the time difference between the two of you 20 times a day in your head that you’ve become a maths whizz.

14. Snapchatting Each Other ALL The Time

It’s the best thing that ever happened to the two of you. (It also helps send each other those unmentionable selfies :P )

long distance relationship

15. Mailing Each Other Small Gifts

You have the courier company on speed dial.

16. Saying “I Miss You” 50 Times A Day

You can’t help it, it’s the truth!

long distance relationship

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